The 30 days training schedule

Some of our students only have 30 days to prepare. What can be achieved in 30 days and how can it be trained?

Week 1: Learning the basics

For the best results try to make 4 sessions per day, ~30 min each. First 8 sessions do only option 1, afterwards alternate option 1 and option 2

Option 1

10 min relaxation visualization: visualize a nice and friendly environment. Try to imagine as many details as you can. Alternatively practice focus visualization.
10 min create visual markers for abstract stuff
10 min learn more about yourself

Option 2

30 min daily practice linking markers

Week 2: Train visualization and memory

For the best results try to make 4 sessions per day, ~30 min each. Alternate 2 of the exercises below

Option 1

15 min daily practice linking markers
15 min daily memorize remember images

Option 2

15 min daily improve your visualization
15 min daily memorize words

Week 3: Starting working with texts

Spend a full hour (x2 sessions daily) to read texts paragraph-by-paragraph and remember as many details as you can. Use simple texts.
You need to remember all the numbers within the text without mistakes. You will need also to remember all the names without mistakes. And finally, you will need to recite the content with great clarity. You can select words for initial visual markers and then gradually improve the quality of the visual markers.
You know that you are ready to move on when you remember 90% of the text you read without any mistakes.
If you need a challenging text, try my old book or my other old book. They will challenge your attention to details and ability to remember large amounts of information.

Week 4: Dense texts

Now apply your skills to the materials you need to read.
Practice sq3r with the material you read. If you have time left, practice one of the options below:

Option 1

Create marker dictionary for your content.

Option 2

If you need, learn to superlearn math.

Option 3

Otherwise you may want to memorize definitions.

Please notice that you will not have time to improve your reading speed, however your learning capabilities will improve greatly!

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7 Replies to “The 30 days training schedule”

  1. I was thinking of buying your master course.
    Is there like a super intensive way of going from 250 wpm and 60% to recommended 800 wpm and 80 understanding?
    i would like to achieve it in two months. This is my ultimate goal for the next 60 days. I can work as many hours as you want me to.
    I would just like a detailed plan for the next 60 days.

    1. Masterclass has a lot of extra materials, hours and hours of videos. Will provide a lot of background, but will not speed your learning. If you need an intense speed-up you need 1:1 with Anna.

    1. Not recommended. It takes time for the brain to adapt. If you push all the training at once, it may reduce the benefits. In any case, do not forget to have Pomodoro breaks of 5 min for every 30 min you train.

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