Commitment and creativity

To be successful we need to be committed. Creativity may benefit from well-placed commitment, but it may also suffocate. When does commitment to goals become, and obsession and what happens next? Stay tuned, only in this blog … More reading materials here, here, here, here, here, and here.


All that is missing in the abstract: a sound track. OK, so maybe I oversold a bit to show a point. When we are excited and committed we talk differently, act decisively and convey focused energy. This read more

Some thoughts on a wonderful life

Today I would like to talk about life itself and the value of human life. It will not be scientific, and there will be no actionable tips, yet I think you will find your time well spent. A spoiler alert: the plot lines will eventually lead to learning. For further reading, I selected articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Goodbye my friend

This year two strange dates coincided. My eldest son started going to the high school which I finished. There was a 25th anniversary of the suicide of my best read more

What is “lifelong learning”?

I believe in lifelong learning, and I want to explain what I mean by it. In all of my bigger courses, I promise you to triple three critical skills. Yet the more skills we improve, the better we understand the things we still have to do. The better we are, the harder it gets to improve. Hence we need a lifelong commitment.

The initial goal and diminishing returns

One of the things we ask our students is stating their learning goals. They usually write down some reading speed and retention percentage. For example, 1200wpm and 80% retention.  read more

Optimizing birthdays

Birthdays are the most powerful events of the year. Are we using them correctly? Can we get more from a simple day?

A disclaimer: I am writing this article in mid-December of 2019 after celebrating my 45th birthday. My birthday is December 8th, Annas b-day is December 8th. My eldest celebrates Jan 1st, and he is 13 years old two weeks from now.

How did we start to celebrate birthdays?

It is not trivial that we survived yet another year. We celebrate birthdays quite often yet few of us ask: why? Let’s consider the read more

Formal and informal training

Do you need a professor with a syllabus or a coach with a keen eye? Which will provide a higher return on investment? Will you actually enjoy the training and what will you accomplish? Modern students have many great choices to make, and each choice can be very expensive.

1:1 with Anna vs Thinkific courses

Before we dive into the entertaining part of this article, I want to address a very practical question. The 1:1 with Anna has no syllabus and no progress path except for the training read more

Good and bad curiosity

Is curiosity good or bad? Depends whom you ask. If anything, for me curiosity is complex and inspiring. You may be curious enough to read here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Curiosity in reading

The first time we mention curiosity in our courses is when people start reading. Before reading something we urge our students to skim through the text very quickly, ask questions, build hypothesis and otherwise build up some curiosity. Otherwise, reading gets really boring and quite often we learn nothing.

Curiosity read more

Exploring the Art of Patience to Create a Positive Impact

Patience and positivity go hand in hand; patience is born out of positivity, and something positive can sprout from staying patient in the most challenging situations. Understanding the intricate chains that bind the two is only possible with experience. Some learn this lesson early on, and some might reach a ripe old age. Regardless, this is something a person must learn and accept for themselves because no matter how much another person tries, they cannot make them feel or understand it.

OK, read more

Fighting ineptitude of others

Everybody can look stupid from time to time. Inaptitude is much worse. Sometimes the people we trust cannot help us and do not understand the damage they cause.  Is it an inevitable evil, or maybe we can do something about it? This article is about inaptitude of others, and a separate post will address our own inaptitude from a very different perspective. You are welcome to read more here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


I personally more than once [after four times I stopped counting] read more

Grit and practice vs procrastination

When I was a child I used to think that we are born with certain talents and all we can do is either sharpen them or be below average.  Today I find it very difficult to tell talents vs grit and determination. So why do we have procrastination in our DNA? For more ideas you are welcome to read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

To do or not to do

So,  I have 500 items in my “to do” list and I do not feel like doing anything right now. What should I do?

Each time I come to work read more

Safe Research: 7 Ways to Boost your Cybersecurity While Using Web Search

Cybersecurity, while we research, is something all of us ignore. It is very easy to feel safe when we search, knowing that the search engine will alarm us if something bad happens and antivirus will further react if we are in real trouble. The reality is a bit more complex. As we are searching for answers, others are looking for our vulnerabilities. Professionals tend to turn off the antivirus to activate their cryptomining or speed up their AI training. Amateurs react to emails in an impulsive read more