What Customers Are Looking For When Hiring a Developer

Half of the readers of this blog (and myself) are developers. It is very helpful to understand the world from the client’s perspective. For today’s post, I asked a professional blogger Lucy Adams to describe what she is looking for when hiring a developer. We already hosted several posts by Lucy Adams. Here is Lucy’s pitch: “Lucy Adams is an aspiring blogger and writer who never refuses to cover the most intriguing topics of yours. Business, writing, literature…share read more

Teamwork activities that can help teens succeed in school

You know I love guest posts and I think they contribute greatly to the blog. This is a guest article by Alicia Honeycutt, a professional motivational writer. I hope you will enjoy it as I did.

Success in school is comprised of a lot more than academic excellence. Teaching teens to be team players will benefit them later on in life – both during their college years and once professional development becomes a primary focus.

Teamwork activities for teenagers need to be engaging, fun and education read more

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New year’s resolution

New year celebration is a great turning point for habit changing. Unfortunately, new years resolutions get ignored more often than not. This article describes several reasons why new years resolution fail and how to make them work.

  • Guilt is a bad motivator. Quite often resolutions deal with what you think you should do, not with what you actually WANT to do. It is not point to wish a change happen, unless you are willing to work hard to achieve the change. Not sure about you, most of my changes come from strong experience originated by people around me. If an expert convinces me that the way I am doing things is stupid and commits to teaching me how to do it better, this is quite a strong catalyst. So instead of trying to change something myself, I might decide to find a mentor to help me change my habits.
  • Resolutions are like very vague goals induced by holiday spirit. Make SMART goals instead: specific, measurable, achievable, result-focus and time bound. You do have some flexibility to transcend each element, but if you ignore all of them you will probably fail.
  • The commitment is short lived and soon runs out of steam. You need ongoing commitment and rapport to achieve your goals. This requires discipline, methodology and maybe mentorship. None of this elements are festive. What you need is something more fundamental, more central and more important to you.
  • The timing’s all wrong. It is probably easier to introduce new habits during the regular grinding routine than during holidays. Habits introduced during holidays tend to get no free time and resources when the holidays end and you return to daily choices.

So, should you forget your new year’s resolution? Not necessarily. Write it down and review it periodically. Add other resolutions if you want. Review your resolutions periodically. Once you feel confidence and passion to make some resolution work, take it from read more

Get better at getting better

The Japanese concept of kaizen includes getting better at getting better as a key ingredient to productivity. Kaizen can be loosely translated as a “good change”. For superlearner the change is a continuous process that optimizes our existence, a cycle of questioning, learning and implementation.

In kaizen this cycle includes

This kind of continuous improvement can be broken down into six steps:

  1. Standardize: Come up with a process for a specific activity that’s repeatable and organized.
  2. Measure: Examine whether the process is efficient using quantifiable data, like time to complete, hours spent, etc.
  3. Compare: Compare your measurements against your requirements. Does this process save time? Does it take too much time? Does it accomplish the desired result?
  4. Innovate: Search for new, better ways to do the same work or achieve the same result. Look for smarter, more efficient routes to the same end-goal that boost productivity.
  5. Standardize: Create repeatable, defined processes for those new, more efficient activities.
  6. Repeat: Go back to step one and start again.

Now this is a great advise for a superlearner. We generate methods that are measurable, read more

Superlearner project management tricks

One of the easiest examples of memorization is a way to visualize to do list. In fact if you ever completed linked list exercise, you can group your tasks together and remember 16-20 tasks for a long time without forgetting them. The real question here is what else should a superlearner do with his tasks?

Do not try to remember everything

Even though you can remember everything you need, do not do this unless you have to. Each time you load a long list into your memory in uses the working memory space and affectively reduces your read more

Practicing while traveling

Some of our students ask if you had any recommendations or tips for practicing while traveling. While you could proceed with regular training, we urge you to benefit form the learning experience in a different way.

Traveling is a great opportunity to learn. When traveling we are outside of our comfort zone, we explore new locations and cultures and generate enough experiences to remember the travels when we are back at home. However, being out of our comfort zones we must me creative and selective read more