What Customers Are Looking For When Hiring a Developer

Half of the readers of this blog (and myself) are developers. It is very helpful to understand the world from the client’s perspective. For today’s post, I asked a professional blogger Lucy Adams to describe what she is looking for when hiring a developer. We already hosted several posts by Lucy Adams. Here is Lucy’s pitch: “Lucy Adams is an aspiring blogger and writer who never refuses to cover the most intriguing topics of yours. Business, writing, literature…share your best ideas with Lucy and get a high-quality guest blog in a few days.”



The biggest problem of employment is overestimated requirements for beginners. For example, if a person has just started to work in IT, the “3+ years of experience” point will immediately nullify the desire to send CV.

Technologies and frameworks are constantly growing in their number, and today’s applicant must know much more than 10-15 years ago. However, sometimes the requirements are not only overstated but also mutually exclusive. Let’s consider some of them:

#1 “Obsessed with software architecture and quality”

It seems to be a reasonable demand, which, nevertheless, comes into conflict with the equally popular “committed to meeting deadlines.” That is, on the one hand, a perfectionist is wanted; on the other hand, the company needs everything done on time. In practice, you will have to sacrifice either quality or speed.

#2 “A thinker and a doer”

While one think and sort out all the possible ways, others immediately try a few options, solving the problem on the go. In practice, it’s almost impossible to find a person who will be by 50% a theorist and by 50% a practitioner. There’ll always be some shift.

#3 “A team player but can work alone”

A good playmaker can’t be as good in the attack. If the company seeks a Zidane-level star who can run the entire field in one breath and score a goal, most likely, this organization is just daydreaming.

#4 “Able to work under pressure and with frequent interruptions”

Developers aren’t cashiers or policeman, are they?  Coding requires a deep immersion in the process, so this requirement seems to be at least incorrect.

I wish you never stop and grow as a professional up to the highest heights!

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2 Replies to “What Customers Are Looking For When Hiring a Developer”

  1. The contents of this blog post seems to be something else than what tlhe title says. Also, it seems to have nothing to do with “describe what she is looking for when hiring a developer”. It seems instead to be about certain problems with existing job advertisments: problems which I think is common in other peofessional areas today as well. I’m not a developer: but felt a bit disappointed after reading this blog post. Otherwise, I find your blog posts very interesting and help, and thought through. Thank you and also very much appreciate your super learner courses.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is very hard to generate something which will help everyone, especially when working with guest posts.
      I have now more projects than I used to have, and I will be adding guest posts for 50% of the content.
      There is a complex moderation process, still it is not the same like writing the content myself.

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