Commitment and creativity

To be successful we need to be committed. Creativity may benefit from well-placed commitment, but it may also suffocate. When does commitment to goals become, and obsession and what happens next? Stay tuned, only in this blog … More reading materials here, here, here, here, here, and here.


All that is missing in the abstract: a sound track. OK, so maybe I oversold a bit to show a point. When we are excited and committed we talk differently, act decisively and convey focused energy. This read more

Best mnemonics and memory training for medical students and nurses – Part 1

Many of my readers and students practice medicine. All memory methods we teach are perfectly suited for medicine. Moreover, in 1:1 Anna uses some exclusive methods SPECIFICALLY developed for the medical students.  Since memoization is any extremely important and time-consuming part of any medical practice, and since medical practice is so long and intense,  you have no excuse for skipping memory practice.

This is the first part of a guest article written by one of our friends and students Chase read more

Formal and informal training

Do you need a professor with a syllabus or a coach with a keen eye? Which will provide a higher return on investment? Will you actually enjoy the training and what will you accomplish? Modern students have many great choices to make, and each choice can be very expensive.

1:1 with Anna vs Thinkific courses

Before we dive into the entertaining part of this article, I want to address a very practical question. The 1:1 with Anna has no syllabus and no progress path except for the training read more

10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Memory skills and accelerated learning are crucial for career success. You probably understand this, yet each of us has different reasons to think so. As our economy moves from knowledge-oriented to influence-oriented models, the reasons change. In this guest article, Becky Holton shares her 10 reasons.

10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Do you know what your success at school was based on? It’s mostly your ability to focus, but your memory power as well. When you started your career, read more

Fighting ineptitude of others

Everybody can look stupid from time to time. Inaptitude is much worse. Sometimes the people we trust cannot help us and do not understand the damage they cause.  Is it an inevitable evil, or maybe we can do something about it? This article is about inaptitude of others, and a separate post will address our own inaptitude from a very different perspective. You are welcome to read more here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


I personally more than once [after four times I stopped counting] read more

Dealing With The Mid Career Crisis

Are your dreams turning into regrets? Somehow, this is a relatable situation for many. The fantasy which you create for your job eventually ends up into the disappointment and you keep wondering why. Well, there could be many reasons which transform your high notes into the lowest one. The job, about which you used to dream once, gradually turns into the worst nightmare. Do you know? Technically we call this thing ‘mid-career crises.

Today’s guest post by Anthony Anson touches many of us.  read more

Grit and practice vs procrastination

When I was a child I used to think that we are born with certain talents and all we can do is either sharpen them or be below average.  Today I find it very difficult to tell talents vs grit and determination. So why do we have procrastination in our DNA? For more ideas you are welcome to read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

To do or not to do

So,  I have 500 items in my “to do” list and I do not feel like doing anything right now. What should I do?

Each time I come to work read more

Creativity we sabbotage

It is not a secret that in the battle between productivity and creativity, money and happiness I am strongly positioned in the corner of creativity and happiness.  Yes, I am a productivity expert, but this does not define me. In this article, I will try to address some major mistakes people make sabotaging their creativity. Many of these ideas contradict major productivity paradigms. I will let you choose your own path. I am not alone in my ideas. Check out other authors here, read more

Superlearner story: Otis the musician

How important is productivity as a part of our training? Recently, I started to feel that my posts went too far from memory and speedreading methodology.  As I was contemplating returning to more basic materials and reframing my approach, I was approached by several students who could not function due to bad productivity training. So I decided to give it some more attention.

True stories

Several years ago I published several posts which you can search on this blog using the keywords “superlearner story”. read more

How to Set Goals and Create a Powerful Vision of Your Life

What is a life worth living or a book worth reading? This is very personal. Everyone has a different set of tools, values, and passions. In this excellent blog post, Alice Berg uses her experience as a career advisor to focus the reader on asking the right questions. This is not a regular SMART goal post, but something that will motivate you for creative soul searching.

Do you have goals? Have you created a vision to guide you in everyday life?

Let’s start with the latter. Not many people read more