Out of bucket lists

A strange and unexpected thing happened to me. I am running out of bucket lists. I will explain my situation and ask you to send me your ideas. Maybe this post will inspire you to write or modify your own bucket list.

Guess my surprise

I am sufficiently perplexed not to offer you further reading links today. At age 45 I am running of bucket lists. When I looked into my latest list, it was hundreds of lines long, yet no line in it was screaming to me “DO IT NOW!”. Instead, I could vividly visualize each read more

Some thoughts on a wonderful life

Today I would like to talk about life itself and the value of human life. It will not be scientific, and there will be no actionable tips, yet I think you will find your time well spent. A spoiler alert: the plot lines will eventually lead to learning. For further reading, I selected articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Goodbye my friend

This year two strange dates coincided. My eldest son started going to the high school which I finished. There was a 25th anniversary of the suicide of my best read more

What is “lifelong learning”?

I believe in lifelong learning, and I want to explain what I mean by it. In all of my bigger courses, I promise you to triple three critical skills. Yet the more skills we improve, the better we understand the things we still have to do. The better we are, the harder it gets to improve. Hence we need a lifelong commitment.

The initial goal and diminishing returns

One of the things we ask our students is stating their learning goals. They usually write down some reading speed and retention percentage. For example, 1200wpm and 80% retention.  read more

Mental Preparation Required for Successful Learning

This article was inspired by the keytovision course. Since I could not review my own course I asked Becky Holton to do this for me.

The journey of studying and learning requires a rather large amount of brain capacity to achieve optimal results. From a young age, learners can be introduced to tools that assist them along the way to perform optimally, even under pressure.

As you grow older, more and more tasks require your dedication and learning is one of the most important. Adequate mental preparation read more

Optimizing birthdays

Birthdays are the most powerful events of the year. Are we using them correctly? Can we get more from a simple day?

A disclaimer: I am writing this article in mid-December of 2019 after celebrating my 45th birthday. My birthday is December 8th, Annas b-day is December 8th. My eldest celebrates Jan 1st, and he is 13 years old two weeks from now.

How did we start to celebrate birthdays?

It is not trivial that we survived yet another year. We celebrate birthdays quite often yet few of us ask: why? Let’s consider the read more

Revisiting places of memory

We may train our memory and read texts, but then how much of that will we remember just after a day? We may go further, create notes and review them for a while, but eventually, we will stop. How much will we remember after twenty years? Does memory training work at all when we consider long time periods? For today’s reading links, I prepared here, here, here, here, and here.

Losing my childhood memories

I must confess, my long term memory is not very good. I can probably remember an article I read 20 years ago, yet read more

So many things so little time

This particular post started from the title. “So many things so little time” is becoming a mantra of our generation. It is like a theme humming in my brain. I decided that if it haunts me, it must be also haunting you. In this post, I will not try to research or educate but simply share my thoughts.

Hunger to achieve more

I have a full-time job, this blog, 3 kids and several other projects which may or may not become the next great thing in my life. It’s not like I am doing nothing and I have a lot read more

Healthy nootropics

Typically I do not advocate for or against nootropics. Some of the nootropics may call stomach issues, and some may influence the mood. I have tried several food supplements and I routinely use some very simple and generic products, which are healthy in small portions. Recently I have been approached by Chris from Cognitune who asked me to read his article on food supplements that can fight ADHD. As you might know, I have read more

Why you need one on one with Anna

One on one with Anna over Skype is the best and most exclusive product we offer. In my mind, all of you are heroes simply because it requires a lot of courage and dedication to change yourself in a profound way. Yet even heroes need help, and here we come to your aid.

I will offer several reasons why 1:1 with Anna are so coveted:

  • There are more than 100,000 superlearners and only one Anna for all of them. Nobody else was qualified for 1:1 training for good reasons.
  • People are different, and sometimes all of us make mistakes. Only a highly experienced trainer can detect small mistakes well before they grow into huge issues.
  • Some methods are tested in 1:1 sessions, so you get access to the most updated methodology, and can even ask me to write a post just for you.
  • Anna is the source, the brains and the heart behind our speedreading methodology. With Anna you do not just learn how to read better, but also get inspired to work hard to improve your reading.
  • Some subjects, including legal, medical and accounting, require some different accents than generic speedreading. Only Anna has enough experience with all kinds of students to provide these minor accents.
  • While we may want very similar things, our priorities are very different. The optimal methodology needs to be adapted accordingly.

The main problem we need to deal with are people who can read quite fast, but do not remember what they read. Like Woody Allen said: “I took a speed-reading course read more

Multilingual learning

I know three languages very well, and some more languages not as well, maybe enough to read a newspaper. My grandmother claimed to know 12 languages, and I can vouch that at least five of them she knew as well as I know English. This is by no means a unique skillset. Maybe due to my hobbies and occupations, or maybe due to the nature of the place where I was born, I have many multilingual friends. Being multilingual has several distinct advantages and disadvantages. The multilingual learning routine read more