Two prone superdeal

We want to introduce a new superdeal. This is supposed to be a very powerful offer. The product should be strong enough to make a huge change in someone’s life.  The focus is not on gaining new tools, but on gaining new perspectives. A product like that supplements your learning toolset with an entirely different set of tools.

This is a limited offer

In 2023 I plan to change the organization of my courses, splitting them along keytostudy and keytovision product lines. You have a couple of months to use this offer and buy the courses to actually change your life.

All of the courses offered here are based on my personal experience and the tools I integrated into my own life. In addition to working tools, I provide questions I asked myself  – often without an answer. A properly placed question by itself can make a huge difference. Consider the Buddhist practice of koans.

A LOT of materials

I offer a lot of videos here with a very high discount. When I say A LOT of materials, I mean thousands of small videos. Partially because these courses are not backed up by my books or Anna’s teaching. Sure, you can take 1:1 with Anna to learn better. But once you get to my masterclass bundles below Anna will not help you.

I also try to address the subjects that are poorly described elsewhere. I seriously suggest supplementing my courses with more specific courses written by other people. What I tried to provide specifically here is a path, rather than specific training. Try to focus on questions that I ask rather than the answers I provide.

Why two paths

After learning to study and work more effectively (core course package), you can choose what kind of progress you like more. There are two main options: “Business and tech tools” vs “Psychology and arts”. The choice is almost arbitrary. You cannot go wrong.

Once you choose the path for you, I provide a large set of courses with science-based tips, my insights, and actionable items.

Choose your path:

After completing the core courses you can choose your area of interest. All courses come with 4 sessions 1:1 with Anna at 50% discount.

Time-limited discount code: anna_50

Option 1:

Business and tech tools –  a large package of courses and minicourses focused on practical skills: for people in science, business, law, and technology. Here the return on investment is higher. The discount is 80%

Time-limited discount code: biz_80

Option 2:

Psychology and arts – a large package of courses and minicourses focused on psychology and creativity: for psychologists, artists, teachers, and coaches. Here the discount is also: 80%.

There may be a duplication of masterclasses if you have another package. When this happens contact me and I will try to fix the issue. For example, if you already bought “core eight courses” package and buy one of these bundles, I will add two more sessions with Anna.

Time-limited discount code: psy_80

Highlights biz package

Not all courses are equal. The masterclasses and in the business package are really powerful. They provide the birdseye view on some pretty complex subjects that shape our financial well-being.

I am not sure what is the right place for the masterclass It covers a very diverse range of subjects from our senses to gut feeling and pattern analysis. These subjects are connected via the way our bodies and brains are built.

Some other courses focus on our functioning as individuals in technological society, creating value, and interacting with others. The focus is probably interdisciplinary thinking in the course

Highlights psy package

The masterclass is very powerful. In a way, all other courses in the package follow from it. I really tried to balance near the level when you need a hypnotist’s license without crossing the line.  If you like this course, I suggest that you continue exploring the subject with Do not let generic course names fool you. Within I describe some of the most powerful methods of NLP, CBT, and ACT.

If you are a parent or work as a teacher, a coach, or a mentor I suggest The premise of the course is very simple: we learn best by teaching others.

I tried to address some of the coolest subjects in my life in  Again, I am struggling to name the course. For example, I address sleephacking (polyphasic sleep with lucid dreaming) and animal brain structure.

I also ask serious questions about the meaning of mastery and how hobbies can make us smarter.

Why I think these courses will change your life

I really believe that these courses will change your life. I truly believe that after the course on investing you will at least use dual momentum ETF strategy and get rich over a couple of decades. I think that after a course on moonlighting projects you will get some desire to build something in your garage or write something in your home office.

In a similar way, I believe that after learning several CBT, NLP, and ACT techniques, you will be well equipped to handle anxieties and traumas, change habits, and influence others. Especially, I believe that if you have a child you will find something cool and new to do together.

Our lives are built from small activities. Most of us are inert. Once we start changing relatively small things, big things will follow.


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