Superlearner story: JB cures depression

You probably noticed the new course on Thinkific we call KeyToVision. It deals with visualization and analytical thinking as the main tool for solving personal problems. The common problems are depression, stress and traumas. JB is one of the reasons we developed these tools, so his testimony is especially important for me.  My student JB is a psychologist and financial advisor, so he read more

Hear me on podcasts

Usually, I am quite shy and do not like to get interviewed. It is my practice to step out of my comfort zone from time to time, so you can listen to several interviews I recently had. What struck me was how different these interviews were between them.

I am posting some links. You are welcome to listen. If you have a successful podcast, you are invited to contact me [email protected]

Anthony Metivier | 11/13/2019

The focus of the interview: “On The Ultimate Key To Study Results Without Strain

Antony Metivier is read more

Student testimonies

“My classes with Anna were brilliant. I really learned how to learn and grasp difficult concepts quickly. Something I thought I’ll never be able to do. My only regret is, I didn’t have class my Anna sooner. “

Below are some testimonies of real students from 1:1 with Anna. I selected students randomly, and their responses were spontaneous. You can see the real name and the first letter of the surname. I decided not to fix grammar or change anything to let the people speak read more

Cybersecurity 101 for someone who is not a pro

So you use the internet for everything you need. What if someone attacks you online? Now, if this does not make you nervous, you should be worried.

This will not happen to me

Most people pay no attention to their online safety and usually, it is OK. Most likely nobody will attack you personally. However, if someone targets a specific vulnerability, you may be jeopardized.

I know that with all my skills, my site was broken twice in 2017 due to DDOS attack caused by a known vulnerability in older WordPress versions. I was somehow read more

Why are keytostudy courses different?

You can take many great courses. Why buy the keytostudy courses on thinkific? I am finally in a position to provide a good answer.

Personal support

You can write me [email protected] and I will personally support you. Please do not write me with the materials of other people. I am not supporting Jonathan Levi’s or Anthony Methivier’s courses.

Do not think that I am a marketing genius like Jonathan or a great teacher like Anthony. I am an engineer before everything else. I create tools that are practical read more

Boost Your Career With Further Education (Infographic)

We often talk about the value of lifelong learning and about the value of visualization. Today we have a special treat. Philip Boschman from Trainwest shared a great infographic about the benefits of lifelong learning.

“Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.”
– Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

For many professionals, further education offers a great chance to distinguish themselves in
a fiercely competitive read more

5 Tips To Improve Your Writing In Academic English

There are many resources on how to write better, yet most of these resources are too specific, too generic or poorly written. This guest article by Carol Duke captures the essence of writing in academic English as a set of simple and clear bullets: rules to live by as a writer. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Unlike numerous writing styles like a letter, blogging, and several more, ‘Academic Writing’ is entirely a whole different beast which delivers a specific structure and format read more

15 Resources for More Efficient Online Research

Personally I use Google almost for all my research requirements, however I use it wisely with various  advanced options and logic within the keyword fields. And I do read more than the first page of search results. Probably less than 1% of Google users do more than a very basic search. Justin Osborne, a teacher from Leicester UK got tired of students using Google unimaginatively and offers a set of alternative tools to pump up your research.

In a survey read more

Why Projects Fail & The Role of Project Managers

A project has so many moving parts that it can be easy for things to go wrong. The role of a project manager in any project is to ensure every bit of a project is running as planned but this is far from an easy job. This infographic from Trainwest takes you through why projects fail and the vital role a project manager has in ensuring sure everything rungs smoothly.
It seems that no matter how carefully a project is run, some will always fail and only 2.5% of companies manage to successfully read more

Back to school program

With the start of the new school year, we would love to help you prepare yourself or your child for a year of fruitful learning and academic success.

Here are some of our resources you may want to use:

For many years we have been writing about different ways to excel at school. Here are 8 selected advices from this blog:

Try simple back to school tips. Use

massive read more