KeyToStudy for four years

As you probably know by now, I am building new masterclasses on Thinkific.

One of the questions people often ask me: what can you offer beyond reading very fast and remember everything.  To be honest, reading and memorizing is about 25% of my skillset. So I decided to open all of my super-skills for the general public.

The idea is simple. Spend one year on each set of superskills. If you buy full lifetime access, you get access to all of them.  The engineering studies are four years long, and here I present a blueprint for engineering your own life.

Year 1: KeyToStudy.

We start with learning how to learn

  • Keytostudy minicourse as an introduction to the skill
  • Memorization to be able to access all the knowledge you will acquire
  • Speedreading to actually acquire the knowledge
  • Analysis to transform the knowledge into wisdom.  [I recorded the course. It is awaiting the editing]
  • Demonstration of the skills [I know how much you want that. Will need to be patient a bit longer]
  • Remote learning minicourse [In writing]

By the end of the year to are expected to read 800 wpm+ and remember 80% of what you read. Moreover, you are expected to understand damn well what you read and how to use it in your life.

Year 2: KeyToVision.

After all that reading, you will probably want to apply the skills

  • Keytovision minicourse as an introduction to the skill
  • Productivity is a way to do x10 more tasks in less time. [Will spin off the current speedreadin+productivity masterclas]
  • Visualization allows us to change our mindset. With the proper mindset, nothing can stop you. Here the visualization tools are from NLP and not from memory arts.
  •  Investment. If you invest your time and money, make sure to get the best return on investment. Not just in finance, but in life.
  • Problem-solving minicourse [Maybe…]

By the end of the year to are expected to be extremely effective, enter the flow state for heavy lifting, and strategic in the tasks you select.

Year 3: KeyToMission.

By now your life must have changed, and you want to make the world better. To do that, we need to be a part of something bigger.

  • Keytomission minicourse as an introduction to the skill
  • Mentoring, to learn as we teach
  • Speedwriting to write 20 pages per day
  • Collaboration and leadership, to become a key team member in any team you join.
  • Video blogging minicourse [Actually I need to learn better myself before I teach others]

By the end of the year to are expected to motivate and educate others.

Year 4: KeyToMeaning.

Have some fun, you deserve it

  • Keytomeaning minicourse as an introduction to the skill
  • Lifestyle courses with a focus on what you eat, how you sleep and when you meditate
  • Guitar as an example to what a smart hobby looks like
  • Programming as an example of building moonlighting projects
  • More cool stuff here… Anything that does not belong elsewhere

By the end of the year to are expected to be able to relax, and choose what you want to focus on next.


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