Fighting ineptitude of others

Everybody can look stupid from time to time. Inaptitude is much worse. Sometimes the people we trust cannot help us and do not understand the damage they cause.  Is it an inevitable evil, or maybe we can do something about it? This article is about inaptitude of others, and a separate post will address our own inaptitude from a very different perspective. You are welcome to read more here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


I personally more than once [after four times I stopped counting] read more

Dealing With The Mid Career Crisis

Are your dreams turning into regrets? Somehow, this is a relatable situation for many. The fantasy which you create for your job eventually ends up into the disappointment and you keep wondering why. Well, there could be many reasons which transform your high notes into the lowest one. The job, about which you used to dream once, gradually turns into the worst nightmare. Do you know? Technically we call this thing ‘mid-career crises.

Today’s guest post by Anthony Anson touches many of us.  read more

Cybersecurity 101 for someone who is not a pro

So you use the internet for everything you need. What if someone attacks you online? Now, if this does not make you nervous, you should be worried.

This will not happen to me

Most people pay no attention to their online safety and usually, it is OK. Most likely nobody will attack you personally. However, if someone targets a specific vulnerability, you may be jeopardized.

I know that with all my skills, my site was broken twice in 2017 due to DDOS attack caused by a known vulnerability in older WordPress versions. I was somehow read more

Superlearner story: Otis the musician

How important is productivity as a part of our training? Recently, I started to feel that my posts went too far from memory and speedreading methodology.  As I was contemplating returning to more basic materials and reframing my approach, I was approached by several students who could not function due to bad productivity training. So I decided to give it some more attention.

True stories

Several years ago I published several posts which you can search on this blog using the keywords “superlearner story”. read more

How to Set Goals and Create a Powerful Vision of Your Life

What is a life worth living or a book worth reading? This is very personal. Everyone has a different set of tools, values, and passions. In this excellent blog post, Alice Berg uses her experience as a career advisor to focus the reader on asking the right questions. This is not a regular SMART goal post, but something that will motivate you for creative soul searching.

Do you have goals? Have you created a vision to guide you in everyday life?

Let’s start with the latter. Not many people read more

Dealing with existential cirsis

Most of us have a mid-life crisis at some point. If I was a millennial, I would also have a quarter life crisis. Once you finish school or an Ivy League university, there are simply too many things to master. I still have many years to prepare a speech for my kids, so I thought I could as well start now. For today’s reading you may take a look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Changing through crisis

Why do we have an existential crisis?  I think it is our opportunity to change and still stay read more

Mavericks vs experts

There are many kinds of highly successful people. For some, success is yet another milestone in a great plan, while for others it is an unexpected gift. We put a lot of focus on learning, yet there is another side in nature vs nurture discussion. Today I  was inspired by old articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Growth mindset

The current consensus states that we can grow and evolve as long as we invest some effort. It is instrumental to believe that we can learn anything.

  • If we decided that we want to learn something, probably it is very good for us. Otherwise, why prefer a given skill over the alternatives?
  • If we can learn for sure master a skill but doubt ourselves, the learning speed is reduced.
  • When there is a way to acquire a skill, we should be open to finding it.
  • If we do not acquire the skill we wanted we might acquire some other useful skill.
  • If for some reason we failed, at least we can learn from the failure, maybe even leverage the resulting understandings

Alternative mindsets

In the 20th century, read more

Your boss could be your best mentor

In this article I want to address the fundamental question of finding a great mentor. Unless you have a mentor, the odds are against you: it will be damn hard to score deals or get promoted. If you happen to have a mentor, your success is tied to the success of your mentor. It is your job to help th mentor become great. Nowhere it is as clear as in the workplace. Today, I suggest that you take a look at the articles here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Whom do we meet at work?

Let us face it: most of us read more

How to Write Better if You Are Not a Native English-Speaker?

For me as well as a half or our readers, English is not the first language. This does not mean that we cannot read and write as well or better than most native speakers. In this post, a Hungarian journalist explains her way to master the English language. My way was different and passed through conference rooms and business negotiations. You are welcome to create your own path to mastering the second language.

When English is not your first language, composing texts may lead to absolute frustration. read more

How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Quite rarely we learn things simply to understand and remember the information. Typically we do it either out of curiosity or to become an authority in some niche. For me, using the knowledge properly is a subject for a full masterclass. In this guest article James Scott shares his personal views on the subject.

Let’s face it. Competition in the market is getting stiffer year by year. And if you want to achieve success in the long run, you should become an authority in your niche. You should read more