Top Benefits of eBooks in Learning Infographic

This is a guest post by Alex Merashi. I really love this particular inforgraphic and eBooks. Hope you will share my feelings.

Although there are different books in stores nowadays, e-books have gained a lot of fame currently. Most students view them as an affordable way of Learning.  Although physical books are associated with many benefits, there are various reasons why e-books are here to stay.

Check out some advantages of using e-books:

1. Availability

E-Books are always available and never go out of stock. read more

Mental Preparation Required for Successful Learning

This article was inspired by the keytovision course. Since I could not review my own course I asked Becky Holton to do this for me.

The journey of studying and learning requires a rather large amount of brain capacity to achieve optimal results. From a young age, learners can be introduced to tools that assist them along the way to perform optimally, even under pressure.

As you grow older, more and more tasks require your dedication and learning is one of the most important. Adequate mental preparation read more

Best mnemonics and memory training for medical students and nurses – Part 1

Many of my readers and students practice medicine. All memory methods we teach are perfectly suited for medicine. Moreover, in 1:1 Anna uses some exclusive methods SPECIFICALLY developed for the medical students.  Since memoization is any extremely important and time-consuming part of any medical practice, and since medical practice is so long and intense,  you have no excuse for skipping memory practice.

This is the first part of a guest article written by one of our friends and students Chase read more

Superlearner story: JB cures depression

You probably noticed the new course on Thinkific we call KeyToVision. It deals with visualization and analytical thinking as the main tool for solving personal problems. The common problems are depression, stress and traumas. JB is one of the reasons we developed these tools, so his testimony is especially important for me.  My student JB is a psychologist and financial advisor, so he read more

Mental tattoos: using your body as a mental palace

Your body can be your mental palace. This is easy to say, but what does it mean? I did not even think this can be done until I saw my wife demonstrating it on national TV. Now I will explain “body as a mental palace” to you.


My wife was working on something new to say on national TV. How can you teach mental palace in less than 3 minutes? Even learning the “magnetic square”  takes hours. So she went for the read more

Core values and narratives

The way people feel inside has very little to do with their objective achievements or social status. We can set smart goals, achieve them and fee miserable. Alternatively, we can feel energised by doing the right thing. The difference is the story we tell ourselves. For today’s reading please consider articles here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Life as a narrative

What is the meaning of life? There is an infinite variety of acceptable answers. Here is one possibility:

Our life itself is probably the most read more

Think Beyond the Borders: How to Write Creatively About Ordinary Things

In my posts, I often use creativity for problem-solving, visualization or art.  My choice of creativity is very structured and productive. But there are many forms of creativity. In this post, Michelle Brooks uses creativity as a form of inspiration. She even uses her own word for it: extraordinification . I think you will love it and use some of its ideas to supplement your toolset.

Writing tends to have its ups and downs. The truth is that even the gurus in the field sometimes feel wordless read more

New frontier for visualization

Is our imagination limited? What can we visualize? How can technology push our limits? For today’s article you may want to read here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Three kinds of visualization

I know, dividing something into three groups is a rhetoric trick. So I use it this once, so what? It is easier for me to describe three kinds of visualization than to go into a serious discussion.

We visualize to remember, to get motivated and to have fun.

The three kinds of visualization are very different. When we visualize read more

Funny stuff and a cure for boredom

Every year, for the April 1st I write a post about things that are fun and funny. This is a serious blog that deals with learning, self-help and career. If I choose to write about fun and funny, I must have some very serious reasons. Today I will share why I think that funny is important. For more reading I welcome you to check out here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Spontaneous laughter

When we experience spontaneous laughter, we experience relief. Our body releases endorphins. We feel deeply engaged and alive. This is just the opposite of the depressive boredom we so often feel. Sometimes our laughter and amusement is predictable, for example when we watch a great stand-up performance or try to visualize a funny situation as a mnemonic device. Other times we may laugh in unpredictable situations, when experiencing mindfulness moments, after successful sports exercise, during creative flow situation or when we see something grotesque. All kinds of laughter may be helpful, they definitely are better than boredom.

Boredom as a not so modern epidemic

Some amount of boredom is required for creativity. We come up with some pretty crazy ideas out of boredom. Any more boredom should be avoided. Being bored is bad for our satisfaction and health, reduces our energy and focus, and makes us act impulsively and carelessly. And we get bored more than any other generation before us, not because our life is boring but because we are less adapted to deal with boredom. Two hundred years ago, a farmer used to spend most of his life in one field watching the rear side of his horse, with a dozen of friends, neighbors and family neighbors he knew all of his life. Today we use multiple screens and our patience last around 7 seconds. Two hundred years ago, a bored farmer would become a cowboy, a gold digger or a soldier. Today, when bored, we may use extreme sport and wild parties. In either case, we might use some addictive and unhealthy substances just because they make us feel better. We take excessive risks and often get hurt. Depression and suicide is often simply another face of boredom. Hence, fighting boredom is a serious business.

Mindfulness as the first line of defense

Mental fatigue can be caused by repetitive tasks. Boredom in such a situation is understandable. Even the replay of a favorite read more

Visualize your future self to become a better person

Not all of the self-improvement is hard work and attention to details. Some tricks work like magic, or maybe a sort of hypnosis. One of the most useful tricks is addressing your future self. For today’s reading I have selected articles here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Caring about future self.

Studies show that caring about the future self improves grit and perseverance. The more compassion we have for our future self, the more we are willing to sacrifice today for huge benefits in the future. There should read more