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Anyone can acquire accelerated learning skills. Advance skills require longer training, and yet the advantage they provide is comparable with superpowers. x3 reading speed and retention. x3 memory capacity and accuracy. x3 creative output and research speed. This are not some incredible promises, but baseline results for 95% of our students that took 1:1 with Anna. Those who practice more achieve more. If this sounds too good to be true, there is only one catch. The training is long: it requires many months of commitment, discipline and patience. It is also not cheap. You can use the subscription deal instead, but then only 60% of students achieve their goals.

Never pay the full price. You can always use coupon code ALL_40. Subscribe to mailing list and wait for seasonal deal. The bigger deals offer deeper discounts.

  • Coaching with Anna: testimonies
    We last published student testimonies three years ago. You can read them here  To be honest, our new students are as satisfied as ever. I will share some of the responses. DK (initials), VP of Data Engineering, June 2022 The classes were great and it was straightforward to implement Mrs. Goldentouch’s advice and methods! My reading speed has ...
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  • Black Friday superdeal
    Black Friday superdeal
    The best deal we offer each year is ON! You are welcome to get a HUGE discount. Unlike any other place, we keep the Black Friday deal active till December 31st! The best program we have offers effectively 70% (!!) discount. You will get 8 sessions with Anna and 8 core masterclasses ( which are in ...
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  • What does it take for a child to succeed at school?
    School is the first place where a student gets the first picture of education, studies, and learning. A student comes through many ‘firsts’ in the entire school life. They learn different things and get to know how they can shape their lives. For example, whenever individuals attend school, they have to be in a routine. In ...
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  • Key to vision: unlock the power of visualization
    Key to vision: unlock the power of visualization
    Keytovision is one of my core lines of courses. It teaches critical of personal growth: seeing the worthy goal, and getting things done. The main tool we use is visualization, however we do not look it to remember things. In a way our visualization is very much like computer simulation. And then things get more ...
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  • Back to school deal 2021
    Back to school deal 2021
    This year the back-to-school deal comes a bit late. The reason is very simple. I am working on new masterclass materials and did not want to declare a deal before I knew what I offer. The offer is very simple. 8 core masterclasses and 8 sessions with Anna with a huge discount. This will be the ...
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  • Training matrix
    Training matrix
    As I continue to organize my materials, I want to address learning as a matrix. We can slowly build up wide skill sets. Alternatively, we can progress faster over a given vertical of skills. So the immediate question: which approach is better and why? Our training matrix We provide a full matrix of skill training for accelerated ...
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  • One on one coaching with Anna for exponential growth
    One on one coaching with Anna for exponential growth
    Once a year, we emphasize the role of 1:1 training with Anna. As every year we are asked to explain the advantages of coaching over video courses, I will give it another try. There is also a bonus here: 10 sessions with an easy payment plan over 3 years. No need to save for the ...
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  • Four kinds of memory markers
    Four kinds of memory markers
    We mention memory markers a lot in different contexts and courses. Memory markers are used to recall certain experiences. Experiences can be different, as well as memory markers. All of these markers are important and useful, and I want to explain how they can be used. This is becoming a bit confusing, so I want ...
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  • Back to school deal 2020
    Back to school deal 2020
    Have you ever wondered how I can manage this blog, create new courses, and work full time in a startup company and raising three wonderful kids? Reading very fast and remembering everything is maybe 20% of the process. There are many other skills involved. One of the critical skills you need to consider is speedwriting. Ability ...
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  • New minicourse on Udemy and a 30% deal on Thinkific
    New minicourse on Udemy and a 30% deal on Thinkific
    I just published a new keytostudy minicourse on Udemy. For the next couple of days, the discount coupon code is KEYTOSTUDY10. If you take the minicourse and write a favorable review please let me know. Additionally, until the last week of August, you can enjoy a 30% deal on the products we offer on Thinkific ( ...
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