Back to school deal 2021

This year the back-to-school deal comes a bit late. The reason is very simple. I am working on new masterclass materials and did not want to declare a deal before I knew what I offer.

The offer is very simple. 8 core masterclasses and 8 sessions with Anna with a huge discount. This will be the best discount of the year, and on Black Friday I will simply repeat the offer. To get this particular deal, you will actually need to write me [email protected].

Now you probably wonder what is included. Let us start with 8 sessions with Anna. Many of you are not sure what these sections look like. Finally, I can show it in a free preview. Each session is unique. I have some recorded versions of the second session only with different people. Watch and compare. It’s free. Then send me an email for a deep discount.

Now let us go to the core masterclasses bundle.

Each course in the bundle is LONG. I mean 12 sections, 1 hour each long. Some of the materials are still in video editing, but at least 8 sections of each course are already waiting for you. Each section of each course is super-dense, covering an equivalent of the Udemy course of materials. Basically, I allow you to poke my brain and see how it works.

  1. Keytostudy Memory Masterclass. This is not your regular memory course. I provide some of the methods I used to remember 1 mil keywords per subject. That’s about how much you need to be an expert.
  2. Keytostudy Speedreading Masterclass. I read fast. Usually between 3000wpm at 70% retention and 10000wpm and 10% retention. This level of speed required years of training and multiple cool tricks you will find nowhere else. You are welcome to join the club.
  3. Keytomission Speedwriting Masterclass. I do not use spaced repetition. Instead, I use speedwriting for long-term retention and so much more. Do not check this keyword anywhere else. I reinvented the concept. Did not publish any books on this so far. After learning basic speedreading I ask my students to learn speedwriting.
  4. Keytovision Productivity Masterclass. This is my way to be effective. Multiprocessing from computer architecture meeting cognitive “flow” that can be fully controlled. Immensely powerful stuff. Takes time to get used to it.
  5. Keytovision Anchoring and Diffusion masterclass. Everything you need for quick self-improvement. The most powerful practical tools from CBT, NLP, and meditation which I used myself. I am kind of surprised you do not need a license to use those.

For now, I provide in the core course package three additional courses which are usually in high demand.

  • Keytovision Investment Masterclass. I address very complex subjects of investment in a unique way. Basically, I try to outline a safe recipe for financial success. It is kind of idiot-proof. I tried to use simple and well-tested recipes I got from my rich friends. All you need is self-discipline and time. If you have any surplus income you may find it interesting. If you have kids in their 20s share with them.
  • Keytostudy Research and Creativity Masterclass. This one is a bit heavy and adds some formal logic and statistics to the mix. There are also some systematic creativity modules planned for the near future, like TRIZ (in video editing). If you work with logic and numbers, you really should take it.
  • Keytomission Teaching Masterclass. Basically for all the parents and educators out there. These are the tools I use with my own kids. The course covers a very wide range of subjects and provides simple remedies to common issues.

If you need anything else, you can apply a 30% coupon AUTUMN2021, to whatever you need.


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