Growing Through Play: 6 Tips for Playing with Young Children

Playing with children is crucial at any age.  Playing with small children is very different from playing with teenagers and requires a dedicated set of strategies. Women are usually much better with smaller children than men, yet everybody can learn and improve. In this guest article, Becky Holton shares her tips and strategies.

As the popular saying goes, Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Play is crucial for the growth and development of children. Studies have shown that children who don’t read more

Out of bucket lists

A strange and unexpected thing happened to me. I am running out of bucket lists. I will explain my situation and ask you to send me your ideas. Maybe this post will inspire you to write or modify your own bucket list.

Guess my surprise

I am sufficiently perplexed not to offer you further reading links today. At age 45 I am running of bucket lists. When I looked into my latest list, it was hundreds of lines long, yet no line in it was screaming to me “DO IT NOW!”. Instead, I could vividly visualize each read more

Life skills everyone can learn

When we discuss learning, we usually refer to academic subjects. Life skills are somewhat different, easier to acquire and more fulfilling. Let us indulge in the discussion following suggestions here, here, here, here, here, here.

Bucket lists

People fill bucket lists with the things they want to do before they die. Acquiring yet another degree is rarely an item in such a list. What people really want are simple things that are easy to do or learn.

For example, most people want to travel to certain countries read more

Some thoughts on a wonderful life

Today I would like to talk about life itself and the value of human life. It will not be scientific, and there will be no actionable tips, yet I think you will find your time well spent. A spoiler alert: the plot lines will eventually lead to learning. For further reading, I selected articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Goodbye my friend

This year two strange dates coincided. My eldest son started going to the high school which I finished. There was a 25th anniversary of the suicide of my best read more

What is “lifelong learning”?

I believe in lifelong learning, and I want to explain what I mean by it. In all of my bigger courses, I promise you to triple three critical skills. Yet the more skills we improve, the better we understand the things we still have to do. The better we are, the harder it gets to improve. Hence we need a lifelong commitment.

The initial goal and diminishing returns

One of the things we ask our students is stating their learning goals. They usually write down some reading speed and retention percentage. For example, 1200wpm and 80% retention.  read more

Optimizing birthdays

Birthdays are the most powerful events of the year. Are we using them correctly? Can we get more from a simple day?

A disclaimer: I am writing this article in mid-December of 2019 after celebrating my 45th birthday. My birthday is December 8th, Annas b-day is December 8th. My eldest celebrates Jan 1st, and he is 13 years old two weeks from now.

How did we start to celebrate birthdays?

It is not trivial that we survived yet another year. We celebrate birthdays quite often yet few of us ask: why? Let’s consider the read more

Superlearner story: JB cures depression

You probably noticed the new course on Thinkific we call KeyToVision. It deals with visualization and analytical thinking as the main tool for solving personal problems. The common problems are depression, stress and traumas. JB is one of the reasons we developed these tools, so his testimony is especially important for me.  My student JB is a psychologist and financial advisor, so he read more

Good and bad curiosity

Is curiosity good or bad? Depends whom you ask. If anything, for me curiosity is complex and inspiring. You may be curious enough to read here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Curiosity in reading

The first time we mention curiosity in our courses is when people start reading. Before reading something we urge our students to skim through the text very quickly, ask questions, build hypothesis and otherwise build up some curiosity. Otherwise, reading gets really boring and quite often we learn nothing.

Curiosity read more

Dealing With The Mid Career Crisis

Are your dreams turning into regrets? Somehow, this is a relatable situation for many. The fantasy which you create for your job eventually ends up into the disappointment and you keep wondering why. Well, there could be many reasons which transform your high notes into the lowest one. The job, about which you used to dream once, gradually turns into the worst nightmare. Do you know? Technically we call this thing ‘mid-career crises.

Today’s guest post by Anthony Anson touches many of us.  read more

Flow is the opposite of perfectionism

We all want to experience flow: face a hard challenge, exhibiting great technique with laser focus, enjoy the creative drive and complete a great task. Very few of us do, and even those who experience flow cannot know when this wonderful experience will happen again. Maybe you want to explore the subject yourself here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Why flow is the opposite of perfection

Many great pieces of arts, books, inventions and computer codes can be traced to a short sprint of creation we call flow. It may seam that the read more