Commitment and creativity

To be successful we need to be committed. Creativity may benefit from well-placed commitment, but it may also suffocate. When does commitment to goals become, and obsession and what happens next? Stay tuned, only in this blog … More reading materials here, here, here, here, here, and here.


All that is missing in the abstract: a sound track. OK, so maybe I oversold a bit to show a point. When we are excited and committed we talk differently, act decisively and convey focused energy. This read more

A unified framework of advanced courses

There are new advanced courses on Thinkific. These courses are a great investment for everybody in terms of time, money and return on investment. Since the courses span over multiple subjects and dozens of hours of video, I need to provide a framework unifying the ideas and coordinating the efforts. This is my first attempt to do so.


The original keytostudy exercises were developed by Anna around 2001 when she was only 19 years old, but only around 2010 the training was reduced from the extreme read more

Out of bucket lists

A strange and unexpected thing happened to me. I am running out of bucket lists. I will explain my situation and ask you to send me your ideas. Maybe this post will inspire you to write or modify your own bucket list.

Guess my surprise

I am sufficiently perplexed not to offer you further reading links today. At age 45 I am running of bucket lists. When I looked into my latest list, it was hundreds of lines long, yet no line in it was screaming to me “DO IT NOW!”. Instead, I could vividly visualize each read more

Mental Preparation Required for Successful Learning

This article was inspired by the keytovision course. Since I could not review my own course I asked Becky Holton to do this for me.

The journey of studying and learning requires a rather large amount of brain capacity to achieve optimal results. From a young age, learners can be introduced to tools that assist them along the way to perform optimally, even under pressure.

As you grow older, more and more tasks require your dedication and learning is one of the most important. Adequate mental preparation read more

Superlearner story: JB cures depression

You probably noticed the new course on Thinkific we call KeyToVision. It deals with visualization and analytical thinking as the main tool for solving personal problems. The common problems are depression, stress and traumas. JB is one of the reasons we developed these tools, so his testimony is especially important for me.  My student JB is a psychologist and financial advisor, so he read more

10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Memory skills and accelerated learning are crucial for career success. You probably understand this, yet each of us has different reasons to think so. As our economy moves from knowledge-oriented to influence-oriented models, the reasons change. In this guest article, Becky Holton shares her 10 reasons.

10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Do you know what your success at school was based on? It’s mostly your ability to focus, but your memory power as well. When you started your career, read more

Good and bad curiosity

Is curiosity good or bad? Depends whom you ask. If anything, for me curiosity is complex and inspiring. You may be curious enough to read here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Curiosity in reading

The first time we mention curiosity in our courses is when people start reading. Before reading something we urge our students to skim through the text very quickly, ask questions, build hypothesis and otherwise build up some curiosity. Otherwise, reading gets really boring and quite often we learn nothing.

Curiosity read more

Exploring the Art of Patience to Create a Positive Impact

Patience and positivity go hand in hand; patience is born out of positivity, and something positive can sprout from staying patient in the most challenging situations. Understanding the intricate chains that bind the two is only possible with experience. Some learn this lesson early on, and some might reach a ripe old age. Regardless, this is something a person must learn and accept for themselves because no matter how much another person tries, they cannot make them feel or understand it.

OK, read more

Fighting ineptitude of others

Everybody can look stupid from time to time. Inaptitude is much worse. Sometimes the people we trust cannot help us and do not understand the damage they cause.  Is it an inevitable evil, or maybe we can do something about it? This article is about inaptitude of others, and a separate post will address our own inaptitude from a very different perspective. You are welcome to read more here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


I personally more than once [after four times I stopped counting] read more

Grit and practice vs procrastination

When I was a child I used to think that we are born with certain talents and all we can do is either sharpen them or be below average.  Today I find it very difficult to tell talents vs grit and determination. So why do we have procrastination in our DNA? For more ideas you are welcome to read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

To do or not to do

So,  I have 500 items in my “to do” list and I do not feel like doing anything right now. What should I do?

Each time I come to work read more