Black Friday superdeal

The best deal we offer each year is ON! You are welcome to get a HUGE discount. Unlike any other place, we keep the Black Friday deal active till December 31st!

The best program we have offers effectively 70% (!!) discount. You will get 8 sessions with Anna and 8 core masterclasses ( which are in high demand. Even with the 70% (!!!) discount, the deal is not cheap, but the return on investment is stellar! By the way, this deal is time-limited as some courses are expected to grow. Do not expect anything like this from 2022 onward.

  1. You can use the 1:1 with Anna any time during the next three years. And I think you will need all 8 sessions. Each session is 1 hour. You can see examples for free (x2)
  2. You will get the Memory, Speedreading, and Productivity masterclasses at 10 sections, but the next year they will be ~15 sections each.
  3. The other courses deal with speedwriting, visualization, analytical skills, creativity, investment, and teaching others. These courses are 12 sections each. Some sections are still in video editing. I think they will be in the courses by Christmas.

The superlearner minicourse is equivalent to two sections in my masterclasses. This provides you with a way to estimate your gain from the masterclasses.

This is the best deal of the year. I may add some other smaller discounts, but you should definitely buy this deal if you can. Since this deal is a premium product, I handle everything manually. I set no automation and will try to indulge every wish. Contact me [email protected].


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