Learning resources – cheatsheet

Guides at your disposal

Link Descriptions Recommended usage
Udemy Basic course on Udemy. First watch a section per day. After finishing the whole course, watch proper lecture according to your training.
Wiki Mainly frequently used terms. Use this as a cheat-sheet to the lectures. Also if you cannot spare a dime for the actual course…
Facebook group Superlearners facebook group. Use this to discuss personal issues, suggest features, ask community questions etc
Exercises Free exercises on Keytostudy. This should properly be your main training resource. Do train different exercises according to the schedule. It has been proven more effective than focusing on a single skill.
Outbound links Various games and videos. This is a complementary training resource. It will help you to train varied skills and motivate you.
Flash games Various games mainly to train visualization accuracy. This is a complementary training resource. It will help you to train complementary skills.
Training you can do anywhere Various training tasks that you can do when bored. Use this as afk (away from keyboard) practice.
Direct mail Our mail. Use this to schedule 1:1 advanced course or other 1:1 tutoring.

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