An amazing list of simple exercises

This is a short list of simple exercises that you can practice any time and anywhere.  Anna gives this list only to her most prudent students. For some limited time it will be open here for everyone to try. Afterwards it will be kept under password protection…

Each exercise should take around 10 min, and you can practice it daily if you want. Alternatively you can choose a weekly subject and focus on it for a whole week.

  • Mindful memorization: listen to your surroundings and try to remember names and numbers from the first time you hear them.
  • Read and remember 5 cool facts from wikipedia: people, dates, new words, physics/math constants.
  • Read a page and imagine how you will make it into a movie. Try to be creative and make the movie as fun as possible.
  • Learn 5 words from any foreign language
  • Watch a TED talk or TV series and make transcript for them from your memory. Repeat until you are happy with the result.
  •  Try to visualize someone you used to know well but have not met for  along time. Try to fill in as many details of their life as you can from your memory.
  • Try to generate at least 5 associations for every piece of information you want to memorize. See if you can recreate successfully all 5 associations after some time. This will teach you of your personal style.
  • Look once at a landscape before you, close your eyes and try to recreate as many details as you can from your memory. Open your eyes and compare. Repeat until you feel good with the result.
  • Memorize numbers of passing cars. Hint: when you get better you may need special markers for all 2 digit numbers, like 00 is toilet, 33 Jesus, 45 WW2 victory, 69 (do it yourself) etc.
  • Memorize grocery lists and to do’s, try not to look at your calendar.
  • Keep a journal of your reading: how much, what, when, what of it you still remember a week after
  • Select an object, any object and write down 20 ways it can be used for or be a part of.

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5 Replies to “An amazing list of simple exercises”

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  2. Professor,

    I’m having a little trouble creating effective mental markers, and I believe the exercise where you select an object & find 20 ways it can be used for or be a part would really put me on the right path. Would you mind providing example for this exercise?

    – Jay

    1. This is a creativity exercise.
      Should be very simple/intuitive answers (I do not yet know how to show this off-line) you produce within very short time frame.
      I provide links to something more complex but of similar nature:

      Please begin with simple things and get more creative.
      Also read

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