Making markers for the new stuff

When creating mental markers for the concepts we do not have generic markers for, we need to balance the generic nature of a marker with ability to generate and retain specific markers. The visual markers we use are actually very specific and have a lot of details encoded into them, but these details are not innate to the marker – they are generated by the context of the marker in the text or maybe in our understanding of the text… So we start building markers from something pretty generic that is associated to the key concept we want to remember, and then add some [hopefully unforgettable] details to customize the marker. Below is a discussion related to the process from our udemy pages.

Raghav Agrawal

Sir in lecture 10 The Theory in Action:Learning Something New you said to try to apply the technique of associated every word or concept to an image,more the detailed the better,but what about concepts which are totally new to us or something to which don’t understand clearly like complex definitions

Dr. Lev Gold

This is a very good question. The approach is a simplified version of creating a logo for a company: you should first understand the concept and what it stands for, generate emotional response, then try to see which graphics is associated with it both intellectually and emotionally, then create a logo which stands out and corresponds to the subject. The logo should be a simple icon or animated gif, not a text with elaborate font. And you do it in you mind for your personal use, so it does not have to be pretty or generate similar response with others. After some training you will be able to do this within several seconds for the stuff you know and several minutes for totally new stuff.

Raghav Agrawal

thanks for replying sir and I apologize for my writing style,I tend to make mistakes when I am excited,but as a follow up to your answer I would like to ask you one more question,how can you generate an emotional response for everything,for example your specialty machine learning? or computer architecture,things like that are so abstract to generate an emotional response

Dr. Lev Gold

Try asking questions or using pseudocolor

Raghav Agrawal

wow!,amazing techniques sir,thanks a lot

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