Flash games recommended by Anna

In her courses Anna recommends resources that are out of scope of our Udemy course. We are planning to make some of these resources available for the readers of this blog. All resources are very simple flash and TOTALLY FREE.

Game collection

Games for the brain Probably the best collection of simple games. Trains visualization skills and some more. Anna recommended most of the games one by one in Hebrew edition, but I suggest you to use your own mother tongue.
Memory aid. Memory games. Anna recommends all of these games and explains how to use each during the course progress. I am sure you can figure it out, and if not you can still enjoy playing.
Braintraining 101 has a very cool collection of games to have you engaged. These are not games handpicked by Anna, but rather a depository to try for yourself and decide which games are worth your time.

Short term memory tests

Memory game

Visualization training

This is one of my favorite tools – teaches to pay attention to details, and later allows to add details to markers
Spot the difference
Spot the difference, but with art
Camera mind. I think this is Jonathan’s favorite

Subvocalization suppression

Click the color Do not read the color!
Sort the numbersLike camera mind, but you need to get all the numbers at once and press in the ascending order
Sum the numbers upYou need to sum up the numbers in multiple colors, write down the response and wait for the new numbers to appear (there is a “continue” button in hebrew). Also trains to do simple math really fast.

Other skills

Multitasking. This skill has very little to do with superlearning but Anna spent days trying to improve and swears it helped a lot.


Flash games

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7 Replies to “Flash games recommended by Anna”

  1. Hello,
    i use the Udemy course and the game “Camera Mind”, its not explained how it works. I see some dots but dont know what to do with it. Could you please explain the game to me? Thanks a lot in advance.
    All the best, Magda

  2. After showing the “Pick the Colour” game to several people I am sure that it does not show the color.
    It displays the word (e.g. orange, but the word is black and so it is every time….), one time it displayed the color black but I clicked on blue and for some reason it displayed a tick…
    I tried it on 2 different computers and I still have the same problem!

    Just wanted to leave this comment so you can remove the link for the game (if the problem is with the game of course :P!)

  3. I really would love an honest opinion here. Do you guys reeaaaaally think a game from armorgames.com can help me improve how i read, remember, multitask or my peripheral vision.

    I don’t mean to be insulting, I just dont want to be wasting my time here. I used to play games on armorgames all the time when I was younger and I swear it definitely was nothing but bad for me, meaning I could’ve been doing many more activities to help me instead of playing those games.

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