How to become a superlearner?

Before you start:

  • Know what being a superlearner means
  • Define your personal goals
  • Understand progressive overload
  • Commit to growth

Basic training:


  • Learn to visualize objects
  • Visualize concepts
  • Manipulate visualizations in 3D
  • Add details to visualization


  • Generate visual markers
  • Link visual markers together
  • Group visual markers in chunks
  • Generate cues for retrieval


  • Preread
  • Suppress subvocalization
  • Saccades and visual angle
  • Prepair-read-analyze cycle


  • Read 1000 wpm with 80% retention
  • Working memory of 20 objects
  • Commitment to everyday practice

Advanced training:


  • High level visualization
  • High level chunking
  • Hyperlinking
  • Specific memory (names, numbers etc)


  • Variable reading speed
  • Prioritization
  • Semantic coloring
  • Analytical reading


  • Effective working memory of 80 objects
  • Read 3000 wpm with 30% understanding (skimming)
  • Read 1000 wpm with very retention high accuracy (>90%)

Bonus training:

Time management:

  • Ability to enter “the flow”
  • Multitasking with priority handling
  • Pomodoro techniques [not to get tired]
  • Better attention control [“adhd cure”]


  • Convergent and divergent methods
  • Very wide and fast associations
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Attribute analysis

Career and  finances:

  • Choosing career path
  • Delaying gratification
  • Investment in knowledge
  • Using analytics and news

Further subjects:

Language training

Interpersonal communication

Raising a superlearner child

Mindfulness and life satisfaction




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