Key obstacles to superlearning

Most of our students become superlearners only after facing their demons. Changing one’s ways is not simple, but potentially very rewarding. Below are some of the obstacles our students struggle with and successfully overcome.

Laziness/passive approach

The biggest problem by far is laziness. We cannot help a student who says: “I paid you money, now I will sit back and allow you teach me”. The student needs to work hard in order to succeed and we cannot succeed for him.

Doubt/low self esteem

Routinely our students complain that they do not progress as far as they expected. Less often they complain that they progress faster than they expected. Our answer is always some sort of “Patience”. Everyone is good at something else, and everybody struggles with some element of superlearning.


Without knowing when to stop a student cannot progress. There is no such thing as a perfect marker: either a marker works well or it doesn’t. It takes a long time to get 100% retention of the text: if you speedread 80% is good enough. You should not not use ALL training resources we supply and you should not get a perfect score in one of them: choose a balanced combination that develops all skills.

Technical issues FAQ

Q: “I cannot visualize at all”  A: “Try hyperlinking”

Q: “I get emotionally exhausted” A:”Use stylized markers”

Q: “I get physically exhausted” A:”Try Pomodoro technique”

Q: “I read texts too complex for speedreading” A:”Add blogs to your reading”

Q: “I watched  all the lectures. Now what?” A: “Now start practising”

Q: “I read very fast, but I subvocalize one word per line.” A: “Good. This is your marker”

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