Having fun with visual markers

One of the things we teach is having fun with visualization. We show plenty of examples, and then the students always say: “I am not that creative”. Well, guess what – nobody is THAT creative. We learn to be creative with markers, we are not born this way.

The first thing Anna usually teaches after she explains markers is perspectives. Every marker can be seen from multiple angles, used for multiple things, consist of multiple aspects. How would a doctor consider it? An artist? A businessmen? An engineer? A child? The first way of having fun with markers is discovering new and unexpected ways to see everyday objects.

The thing that Jonathan usually empathises is livelihood of the marker. Having a lively marker, sparkling with strong colours and with detailed texture is like a candy for your eyes. There is a danger of fixating on the marker for too long, but otherwise rotating the markers in 3D space, while placing ever more details on it s you progress with text is FUN.

When I was starting speedreading I used to enjoy the ways market interact. It was as graphical and blunt as cartoons, with various markers exploding to pieces, sitting on each other, generating all sorts of funny motions and interaction. It was like watching many many cartoons of Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner with every marker.

Once I learnt high-level visualization the focus shifted to constructing elaborate landscapes. There are no missing parts or extra parts, every object I imagine follows according to the storyline and the spirit of the landscape. And I choose spectacular landscapes: medieval or futuristic, exotic or naturalistic, I construct whole worlds in my head in a matter of minutes. It is fun 🙂

When working with markers, fun is the key to effective visualization. Fun activates creativity, curiosity and willpower. Fun makes us tick. Enjoy your markers each time in a different way. Share your joy with others. Write me to [email protected] with the best markers you came up with.


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