Superlearning as a social skill

When we started teaching superlearning skills we soon realized that social interaction improves the learning experience significantly. First of all, everybody thinks slightly differently and there is a lot we can learn from each other. Then, everybody has some issues when learning new habits, seeing other people struggling with the same problems improves determination. Finally, what is the point of knowing everything if you have nobody to share your knowledge with?

This post starting from reading this article and thinking of all the thoughts and memories we share with our friends and family. There are many historical examples of groups of people attempting self-improvement together, from renaissance through american revolution and to our days.

I would not be interested in super-learning unless I was married to Anna. Jonathan would not get superlearner skills unless he met me in the private investment company.  I talk to many very smart and knowledgeable people at work. These people have an interesting property: self-clustering according to interests. Having slightly wider range of interest, I can join various clusters of very smart people and exchange ideas with them.   This is how I learn. I send away articles I enjoy and read articles other people enjoy. I always ask: why did you choose this particular article? The knowledge is not just the markers, but links between them. By understanding how other people link  their markers, I learn a lot. I develop curiosity and methodology and real-life role model in every particular field of interest.

When I was a child I was significantly smarter than most of my peers. I felt outcast and isolated. With time I found peers that are significantly smarter than I am, I enjoy their company and I flourish socially. Superlearning is a social skill. If you get very good at reading and remembering stuff, people will approach you with new cool ideas. Then it is your responsibility to refer some of them to the superlearning course, so you can share more interesting stuff and enjoy deeper communication.



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