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I will reiterate here an email I sent to my mailing list a while ago. Notice that to be eligible for the best materials I can provide and early access to future deals you need to be registered on my mailing list.

For the annual Black Friday deal, I try to provide the deepest discount available. The deal is so good, it is usually hidden. It is an effective 70% discount for the ULTIMATE bundle(s) – but it does not come cheap. There are no payment programs and no moneyback, and you cannot apply the discount to individual courses. It is a serious commitment.

NOTICE: THE DEAL IS AVAILABLE STARTING NOW FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. The number of students is limited. Act now to ensure you have a spot.

Each year the exact combination of courses and bundles is a bit different.

The core of the program is formed via masterclasses. You get eight core courses,

This is THE ULTIMATE learning skills program packed with everything we can offer:1. 8 sessions with Anna, 1:1 training. This is by far the most important and expensive part of the package. There is only one Anna. She is amazing, but she cannot help everybody at once

2. 10 sessions with Leeron, 1:1 coaching. In 2023 still be the cheaper version of 1:1. The price is expected to go up very fast (planned to double in 2024).

3. Memory masterclass. You all love it, you all need it. It is very very long, from remembering a couple of details to massive memory structures to store millions of details.

4. Speedreading masterclass. Most people can read 250wpm. I can read 10,000wpm. You are likely to read 1000wpm with this masterclass and Anna’s training. Proper speedreading is a notoriously hard skill to acquire.

5. Speedwriting masterclass. An effective replacement of spaced repetition skillset. Create reading diaries and thus remember everything. If you are talented, publish these diaries and project professional expertise.

6. Research and creativity masterclass. Actually, much more than that. For example, if you want to work with logical markers, this is the relevant course.

And 6 more courses and minicourses you will enjoy.

Notice: there is an additional bundle in the deal fine-tuned for programmers, analysts, and AI experts The 6 extra courses in that bundle are somewhat different.

Do not forget: to get the 70% (!!) discount you need to use the coupon code
BlackFriday2023_70. With this coupon, the price is reasonably affordable.

You are probably asking about the curriculum.

You will get 8 sessions with Anna.

The first 4 sessions are used with the memory masterclass to train memory.
The next 4 sessions are used with the speedreading masterclass to learn speedreading.
Then it is advised to learn speedwriting with Leeron.Prerecorded masterclasses are very dense and yet very long. You are not supposed to finish more than 6 sections of each masterclass during this initial stage. You will probably need several years to complete all the masterclasses and training accordingly.

A lot of follow-up activity is with me over email. If you ask a good question, there is probably an article about it, or I will write one.

Do not forget to search on the keytostudy site using the search box. There are around 1000 articles on the site now. If you set up the keywords well, you are likely to find a lot of information. Also, stay active on this mailing list as I will be pushing book excerpts.

I may throw in an extra course if you need one. Please contact me to discuss the details.

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