Practicing while traveling

Some of our students ask if you had any recommendations or tips for practicing while traveling. While you could proceed with regular training, we urge you to benefit form the learning experience in a different way.

Traveling is a great opportunity to learn. When traveling we are outside of our comfort zone, we explore new locations and cultures and generate enough experiences to remember the travels when we are back at home. However, being out of our comfort zones we must me creative and selective to maximize our positive experiences. When traveling there are basically three stage: preparation, the travel itself and processing of the experiences when we are back. To some extent this is similar to prereading, reading and marker generation.

When preparing to travel we may as well learn history and geography of our destination. We can learn historical facts, main locations, local folklore, a few phrases of local language [if different]. The primary motivation is optimization of the itinerary, but simply learning from exposure to the new location is equally important. To some extent the main goal is opening up appetite for the specific novelties that are available at our destination.

When we arrive, we try to follow our itinerary, but we also may want to improvise and change itinerary if there is a good opportunity. Everything we see can be analyze from various perspectives: how old is it? what was its purpose then and now? what what its history? what it makes us feel? how can we use this experience in our lives back home?
Also we could looking for some signs of new adventure: mysterious and unexpected details that may revolutionize our understanding of the place and generate totally new itinerary. Usually it is great to discuss “life” with locals, see what makes them tick and how they spend their lives. It is also great to meet with other travelers from different background, to teach and to learn things we would never expect to fine. When traveling openness is important. A good travel always comes with a twist. At the end of each day I try to remember key points of the day so I will have a good story when I get back home.

When we get home, we look at the photograph and try to recreate the experience. Basically this is the first time we actually have time to connect all dots of the experience. Often I go to the history books and try to position all the things that I saw within their time and place, to make sense of the markers, and to link my own experience into a great story. Each travel is a learning experience, since we can learn about other and about ourselves. A good travel makes a great story, and a great travel changes us forever.

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