Visualization exercise


Open google search and choose random image. Look at the image for 10 seconds. Close your eyes and try to visualize the image. Be accurate regarding number and position of details. Remember as many details as possible. Try to visualize the entire image.

Combo of various fun images (Get pictures!)

Low level visualization: toy cars (Get car!)

Middle level visualization: optical illusions (Get illusion!)

High level visualization: fantastic landscapes (Get landscape!)



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11 Replies to “Visualization exercise”

  1. Hello,
    I should be able to see the image or just recall the image? I can’t actually visualize it but i can recall how the image was and all his details. Is this allright?

  2. Should I make a 3D object of the toy car and spin it around in space, while remembering details of it. Or take the toy car image and try to hold it in position and remembering the details

    Difference is creating a image from memory vs trying remember a image.

    1. Good question. As far as I am concerned there are 3 “levels” of visualization:
      1: Remember the image as is
      2: Transform the image into an object. Try to manipulate the object in 3D space.
      3: “Activate” the object and see how it interacts with other objects in complex environment (need to work with at least 3 objects)
      Each has its benefits, I suggest to exercise each method.

      1. Cool. I naturally started with making the image, then making it into a 3D object. After that I tended to imagine the object in my hand, the texture and weight. Throwing it at the wall, the shock impact feel and sound.
        Working with 3+ objects at the same time will be hard. But I’ll work on it.

        Thanks for answering.

  3. Am I supposed to see the image vivid, like a hallucination or something similar, meaning that the brain won’t be able to tell if its actually real?

    Cause now I am just able to picture just parts plus not very clearly and its all black around, maybe I’am forgetting about the light though, idk. Thx for answer ^.^

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