Why you need one on one with Anna

One on one with Anna over Skype is the best and most exclusive product we offer. In my mind, all of you are heroes simply because it requires a lot of courage and dedication to change yourself in a profound way. Yet even heroes need help, and here we come to your aid.

I will offer several reasons why 1:1 with Anna are so coveted:

  • There are more than 100,000 superlearners and only one Anna for all of them. Nobody else was qualified for 1:1 training for good reasons.
  • People are different, and sometimes all of us make mistakes. Only a highly experienced trainer can detect small mistakes well before they grow into huge issues.
  • Some methods are tested in 1:1 sessions, so you get access to the most updated methodology, and can even ask me to write a post just for you.
  • Anna is the source, the brains and the heart behind our speedreading methodology. With Anna you do not just learn how to read better, but also get inspired to work hard to improve your reading.
  • Some subjects, including legal, medical and accounting, require some different accents than generic speedreading. Only Anna has enough experience with all kinds of students to provide these minor accents.
  • While we may want very similar things, our priorities are very different. The optimal methodology needs to be adapted accordingly.

The main problem we need to deal with are people who can read quite fast, but do not remember what they read. Like Woody Allen said: “I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.” It takes a lot of discipline to read correctly at each stage of training, and to force yourself remember things, and there is no shame getting some help.

We recommend our students that are interested, to start 1:1 training from the third week of independent (app+reading) training. You do need to understand the basics and develop a good practice routine before you can really benefit from training, so it is best not to start before the third week. And you definitely do not want to develop wrong habits which need to be relearned, so there is no point to delay after the third week.

Most of our students take 2 sessions per month for 2-4 months. The pricing is reasonable. and there are some crazy sales on Black Friday. In addition, occasionally we offer exclusive deals for people who are willing to test our newest products.

We have plenty of volunteers that help us develop better content, and each month we choose one (and only one) student that receives a single free 1:1 session as a gratitude for some extraordinary services.

Since this article with be online for a while and I want to provide you with most updated information, if you want to know more you will need simply to contact me [email protected].

This is a good opportunity to add some stories of people who learnt with Anna. There are some cool stories I shared before, and want to share once again. The people are real, only the names changed. Leon is a cousin of mine, and one of the first success stories. Ron is a friend of mine and one of the very few people who learnt with me rather than Anna. I do not teach, unless Anna asks my help with experts in very complex areas. I personally observed how Anna taught Jade, Jason, Marina, and Evgeny. It was an immense pleasure to see how people transform and prosper under Anna’s guidance.

Every day I see a “Thank you” letter from one of our students which warms my heart. At this point, I am starting to feel I want to share some of these letters with you. In 2018 I plan to have a project centered around student testimonies, maybe even have some sort of alumni club. Please write me if you want to participate.

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  1. I would like to inquire about training one on one with Anna. Please provide me a breakout of the rates. I am very interested and I am looking forward to getting some great results.



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