Superlearner story: Marina

The stories of various people we teach may prove interesting to you. While we change the names, most of other facts are true. Probably some of you will recognize some of the people behind the stories. We ask you not to disclose their identity.

The first superlearner whom we can tell about we will call Marina. Marina has always been a good student. She always tried to do her homework, and paid extra effort to get the homework right. Marina loved books, but at some point she understood that the reading is not her thing. Eventually she found out that she suffers from acute dyslexia. She tried to pass standardized tests, but she could not complete all the questions in time and got extremely low grade. Miserable she went into a school she did not like, to learn a subject that was not generally needed.

Before she started her degree, Marina’s parents bought her a speedreading course. Marina learned speed reading all summer. After 150 hours of training her reading rose from 20 wps with 20% retention to 1200 wps with 75% retention. With the newly established skill-set Marina became the first student in her class and got scholarship in the University of her choice. Several years after Marina successfully continues with her research. One of her superabilities is information gathering: she speed-reading hundreds of questionnaires and reports to form statistically valid research.

Marina successfully overcome her dyslexia. She had to work A LOT, but in the end her whole life changed for the better. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to acquire superlearning skills.

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2 Replies to “Superlearner story: Marina”

  1. Motivating story to read. Makes me dream of having a similar story myself. Were I can master these skills and get past my debilitating limitations. Maybe even reach my dream.

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