Superlearner story: Leon

I have never met Leon other than over Skype. Leon (not a true name) is a web designer (kind of) that took the Udemy course starting in spring 2014. In summer Leon wrote several passionate posts and personal mails to [email protected] regarding his reading speed and fluency with markers. Then he disappeared for a couple of months.

When Leon contacted again, he said that he disregarded pomodoro time and other relaxation advices and suffered headaches. The headaches subsided, and Leon adhered to the training sessions recommendation. Soon enough Leon voiced another concern. He was reading 800wpm but with only 25% understanding. To solve this issue Leon paid for 3 Skype lessons with Anna. After the Skype session Leon read 1000wpm with 85% understanding. Then Leon needed 100% retention on a 10-pages textbook. He had another 2 Skype sessions with me and learn high level visualization.

Then Leon disappeared again. I follow his progress via Linkedin. He got the job he was looking for and appears to build a very impressive client portfolio. Occasionally I ask him regarding his progress. He appears to be content and hopes to learn hyperlinking in the near future.

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