Superlearner story: Ron

This is another true superlearner story of a person whom I taught personally. The name is changed, but the facts are mostly true.

Ron is an exceptional person. He is a corporate lawyer, intelligent, dedicated and very creative. When he was tested by Anna she asked me to work with him. Usually I work only with advanced students, but Ron’s parameters were so high that I started to work with him (he was the only person I tested that scored divergent creativity test higher than me). Most of our students come with a vague understanding that reading 1000wps could help them learn a lot more, for Ron the superskill could be directly translated to billable hours. Therefore Ron’s dedication was well above the average.

When Ron started his training, he complained that he does not have enough hours in day. Therefore the training needed to be modified to free up his time. Unlike the usual training, Ron was taught some time-saving tricks (prereading+prioritization) in the beginning of his training. These tricks were sufficient to free up an hour each day for him to practice speedreading. Next Ron was taught markers sufficiently well to remember financial information of his clients. This saved up another 2 hours each day since he did not have to cross-reference legal and financial documents. Now Ron was ready to learn speedreading. At about 1600wpm with 70% understanding, Ron could read his clients documents and presentations as fast as the clients presented them. When graduating from the course Ron was working half a day and was looking for new ways to make money.

Ron started a new law firm with two partners. He used speed-writing technique he learned (advanced material) to become a leading expert in some pretty technical legal area. After breaking the market prices, he is processing the majority of the related dealflow in his state. He did not feel a need to hire other lawyers to help, and he has enough time every day to spend with his wife and two kids. Last time we talked he sounded truly happy.

I do not have many students for the advanced course. Ron was the only student who was taught advanced course without completing the basic course. His talent and dedication helped him transform his superlearning skills into financial deal-flow and personal happiness. I find this a good investment for any superlearner.

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