Superlearner story: All of you are heros

Being a hero is not about success, it is about not giving up when facing difficulties.

Half of the people taking this Superlearner course have been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, or any other tag that society uses for people that are different. The superlearner students come from more than 100 countries, talk many languages and work many jobs. Fighting with our self-doubts and facing uncertainties we developed a myriad of useful strategies to face the world. Yet all of you were faced with a similar challenge. In order to succeed we need to learn and accomplish more than is humanly possible – unless you take the next step and become a superlearner.

Being a superlearner is similar to being a superhero. Once you accept the responsibility you kind of cannot tell that the subject is too complex for you to learn or that you do not have time to read the book. If you do that you betray hundreds of hours of work invested in self-improvement and search for knowledge. Faced with a challenge we feel a burning motivation to succeed, which in itself is inspiring.

Some problems can be solved with enough knowledge, motivation and luck. Other challenges leave us puzzled and frustrated, but whatever the result is, do not forget one thing. Simply facing the challenge is what heroes do. Heroes fall hard, but then they stand up tall. Heroes may be tragic or comic, anonymous or legendary, but never pathetic. And all of us are heroes.

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