Subjects to read about

Just like you have training schedule, you could have reading schedule. Below are some posts from this blog you could read…

Week Subject Suggested links
1 Superlearner Set your goals,
No excuses,
Get into “flow”,
Change your life,
Experience growth,
Superlearn with others,
Start visualizing
2 Visual markers Make markers fun,
Use markers everywhere,
Even for complex stuff,
And dates and numbers,
And medical stuff,
Look at these examples,
Especially when reading,
3 Linking and chunking Short prelude,
Link markers,
Chunk markers,
In complex structures
[more to come here soon]
Ultimate linking,
4 Speed up your reading Reading faster,
Getting harder,
Choose your markers,
Or let them choose you,
As you avoid vocalization,
5 Saccades Personal style?,
Use saccades!,
Limitless possibilites
Measure your progress
Be smart
6 Practice… Consider the future,
But not yet,
Read again,
Stay creative,
Practice daily
[And much more to come]


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5 Replies to “Subjects to read about”

  1. Hi Lev,

    Do you need to constantly train this speed reading skill? and If you don’t, will you lose it and start over again? Or is it like riding a bike, you will always know how once you’ve learnt the skill?


    1. A bit of both. Compare with gymnastics.
      First you need to learn a new skillset, which is hard. Then you need to practice simply to keep your shape.
      If you do not read, your reading speed degrades. You can regenerate speed by exercising.

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