Hyper-linking: remembering and analyzing huge amounts of information

Hyper-linking is a technology of the internet age.  The resulting data structure is a sparse graph – probably the most versatile and compact form to encode information.

The basic premises is very simple. You have an article. Each time you see an interesting word in this article you try to find other articles that use the same word. Then you make a link between your current article and the reference articles. Which in turn are link to other articles and so on. As you can see all of our knowledge is organized approximately in the same way!

It would be unwise to apply this method as-is. Just like SEO-optimized spam sites cause huge headache for Google, some detail-rich provocative articles could focus your mental energy, leaving much less resources for all other data sources. Therefore before even building a hyperlink you should ask yourself: is this detail worth hyperlinking and ho much so? Then you should think which references and how many of references to put. Just like in internet large amount of  stronger references improves your SEO score. Therefore if you really want to remember something, be creative when generating links.

So far so good, but what about speed? Hyper-linking is intensive process, so instead of putting more lively details on the visual marker you barely have time for basic marker. Where do the details go?  Remember that in the previous paragraph I said that the hyperlinks are created by details? To recreate details all you need is follow your hyperlink!

And what about analysing the data?  Amazingly, simply by creating the hyperlinks you performed most of the analysis: you asked yourself what does this detail remind you, you tried to question properties of the detail, you even criticized and prioritized the importance of the detail! If you need to solve a new challenge all you need to do is follow your hyperlinks till you find the answer!

While this seams very easy, generating hyperlinks may be very hard, but properly generate hyperlinks perform huge part of data analysis for you. And if you do not believe  – open wikipedia and follow its hyperlinks trail!


remembering and analyzing

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