When should you take the “advanced” course?

The Udemy course of Anna’s 1-on-1 Skype course are intended for everybody. The advanced course is attended for professionals that read large amounts of technical data: computer scientists, financial experts, lawyers, medics.

The advanced course offers huge advantages highly anticipated by the most successful superlearners:

  1. Analysis of complex technical material, learning whole areas of knowledge;
  2. Reading significantly faster than 1000 wpm;
  3. Specific skills to memorize languages and body parts, numbers and formulas;
  4. Full control of your superlearning skills.

However all these goodies do not come cheap:

  1. The course is useless unless you read pretty fast (800wpm+) and are quite efficient in creating markers;
  2. You cannot use regular exercises to measure your capabilities: you are taught to cheat;
  3. There is a need to bring some of your own material to the course, and then commit to consume large amount of information for the rest of your life (or you will loose your “edge”);
  4. While making creative markers instead of reading boring text is fun, the advanced course is about analysis, control and  focus.

Before taking the advanced course we always recommend an overall progress review with Anna: to juice up you speed and memory skills before you dive in into data analysis. Contact [email protected] for additional information and scheduling.

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