Superlearner 2.0 course

Recently we launched a new Superlearner 2.0 course. The new course contains better content, audio and video, much more material than the original course and we offer cheap upgrade prices. Some students ask about the new course, so I summarize the answers here: We continue to offer full support to the original “classic” course and […]

Jonathan’s TED talk

Jonathan’s TED talk is truly inspiring. If you feel that your motivation is down and you want to remember why you have chosen to become a superlearner, please watch the video and it will replenish your energies. You are welcome to share the link with your friends. Discuss your thoughts with other superlearners on our […]

Subjects to read about

Just like you have training schedule, you could have reading schedule. Below are some posts from this blog you could read… Week Subject Suggested links 1 Superlearner Set your goals, No excuses, Get into “flow”, Change your life, Experience growth, Superlearn with others, Start visualizing 2 Visual markers Make markers fun, Use markers everywhere, Even […]

How to become a superlearner?

Before you start: Know what being a superlearner means Define your personal goals Understand progressive overload Commit to growth Basic training: Visualization: Learn to visualize objects Visualize concepts Manipulate visualizations in 3D Add details to visualization Memory: Generate visual markers Link visual markers together Group visual markers in chunks Generate cues for retrieval Speedreading: Preread […]

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