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Once a year, we emphasize the role of 1:1 training with Anna. Every year we are asked to explain the advantages of life coaching with video courses. This time I will take a different approach and address the way you can combine resources. If you scroll to the end of this article, you will see a 50% coupon for the first 4 sessions with Anna.

Books, blogs, coaching, and video courses

There are basically three complementary kinds of resources we can currently offer.

  1. Books. There are two books I wrote several years ago about basic materials. I am currently working on new books dealing with more advanced techniques. Honestly, it is very labor intensive. Both writing and reading. Books are long. They deal with many aspects and provide background information. Quite often they provide details that are too complex or verbose to publish in any other way.
  2. Blogs. I run this blog for almost a decade, and I published around 1000 articles. If you have a question use the search window within the blog and write down your keywords. Blogs are great for stumbling upon ideas. I publish a lot of tips and in-depth discussions when I work on new books and courses. I also publish guest articles and my own articles that do not belong to any course and deal with subjects I find interesting. Basically, if you do not have enough time to read a book or the book is not yet ready, blogs are great.
  3. Video courses. I have 3000 short videos on my site  These videos are organized into approximately 20 masterclasses and 12 mini-courses. So that you will be able to find the right subject I usually organize my courses into bundles. Most of these courses are new. For example memory masterclass two years ago was a third of its size today.  In the masterclasses, I cover subjects from very basic to very advanced aspects, including the materials that are too advanced for books and blogs and the techniques I use myself.
  4. One-on-one with Anna is the best product we can possibly offer. Anna is probably the best coach of accelerated learning in the world. She taught me and she taught several other masters. Anna’s time is precious, but her impact cannot be overestimated.

No overlap

In the materials that I teach in masterclasses, there is approximately a 15% overlap between books, courses, and Anna’s coaching. This means that you will hear very few repetitions. Each resource provides a very different perspective. To bridge the perspectives between the resources I provide the minicourses. You may ask yourself what else or which innovation I can offer in each particular case. Believe me, I ask myself each time I publish something. The innovation is there. With everything that we (Lev and Anna) already wrote there are still huge holes in the story, which I plan to fill in some day.

Moreover, our materials are unlike anything else you can find online. So even if you took several courses by other authors, I think you will be pleasantly surprised quite A LOT.

Success rates

I will repeat myself from two years ago.

The success rate without 1:1 is often below 60%, as people tend to misunderstand and make mistakes.  The one on one training allows Anna to perform very accurate diagnostic, checking your focus, your eye motion, the distribution of the words you decide to remember, and many cues I will not mention here. Due to her experience, Anna can predict and prevent critical training mistakes BEFORE they happen. This increases the success rates to above 95%!

I do not recommend you actually learn through 1:1 with Anna. For example, we recommend only 4 hours of 1:1 to learn memory skills. The memory masterclass alone is probably above 16 hours, and the videos there are extremely compressed – to the point that you are expected to stop each video several times and think about what you just heard.  I heard that some people take more than 200 hours to watch just the memory course alone. And there are many more courses.

In fact, my books and courses provide so much value (tools and tips) that they might be overwhelming. You will probably need 1:1 to set up your schedule and focus on the low-hanging fruit. Take 4 sessions with Anna for memory. Then when you get to speedreading, take 4 more sessions. if you can afford them. Each of these subjects is HUGE. After speedreading, you may need speedwriting (for long-term retention) and the course on logical markers ( By the time you get there, you will probably non need more 1:1 sessions.

Email me

I always invite my students to email me with their questions. Typically I have good answers on my blog, or can write a blog post answering a specific concern. Moreover, I can demonstrate how I address subjects and provide unique perspectives. I have a very good education and a wide range of interests. So if you face some difficulty, there is a good chance I faced similar dilemmas in the past.

In any case, when you write me in a way Anna is also involved. I consult a lot with Anna behind the scenes. Quite often I do not know which path to choose with a specific student. If Anna had 1:1 with that student, this makes my job much more effective. I can easily guide you through the advanced masterclasses provided you had meaningful 1:1 with Anna.

Use the books

Probably the books are the most underrated product we offer. They seriously lag behind 1:1, blogs, and courses – because they are so fundamental. In my books I try to address the most fundamental subjects I teach from multiple perspectives. You will find a lot of tips and details that are not available elsewhere probably because they are very verbose. Especially, notice the practical aspects of specific exercises.

Skim through the book. If you do not know how to formulate your question, quite possibly I already addressed it in the book.

We learn new things too

Five years ago, we taught memory techniques with mindmaps. Today we introduce POAX and mental landscapes very early in the process. Five years ago there was one keyword per visualization. Today there are between five and nine keywords per visualization.

We learn all the time. I improve my own memory techniques and reading speed. And I learn to formulate what I do very slowly. Doing something (for me, Lev) is significantly easier than teaching others to do it. Only today I understand the tricks I used five years ago. And as I learn new options become available for my students.

Do not wait

Again I will repeat myself.

The most common mistake people make: training for a year before taking 1:1. Do not do that! If you read 2000wpm and remember nothing, retraining you will be harder than teaching a newbie. It is easier to acquire new skills than to modify an established behavior! If money is the issue, we will try to provide some sort of payment plan. Do yourself a favor: get the best coaching money can buy. An hour of coaching often saves a hundred hours of training, and this is a huge return on investment.

A very similar idea applies to masterclasses.  They leverage the effectivity of 1:1. With video masterclasses, Anna does not have to repeat the basic explanations and can focus on her unique contribution.

Do not let the financial aspect stop you. We try to provide reasonable discounts, and deep discounts if we can. I use the money from the video courses almost exclusively to create new content.

Take 1:1 with Anna and save months of frustration. Use this time-limited coupon COACHING50X50. It will be available again till Jan 2023. And please write me [email protected] to get the best deal available on the masterclasses.



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