One on one coaching with Anna for exponential growth

Once a year, we emphasize the role of 1:1 training with Anna. As every year we are asked to explain the advantages of coaching over video courses, I will give it another try. There is also a bonus here: 10 sessions with an easy payment plan over 3 years. No need to save for the sessions, and a 50% bonus for the first 50 customers (COACHING50X50 coupon. The coaching is 1:1 over Skype.)

What is the added value?

The 1:1 with Anna is something pretty unique. Literally, this is the best we can offer. The success rate without 1:1 is often below 60%, as people tend to misunderstand and make mistakes.  The one on one training allows Anna to perform very accurate diagnostic, checking your focus, your eye motion, the distribution of the words you decide to remember and many cues I will not mention here. Due to her experience, Anna can predict and prevent critical training mistakes BEFORE they happen. This increases the success rates to above 95%!

Long-term support

Recently we added a training matrix of ~100 hours of video instructions on thinkific. That’s A LOT of subjects to cover. All of these subjects are important, but they are not equally important. Take 3-4 sessions for memory and visualization, and then practice until you are really good. Then take 3-4 sessions about speedreading and productivity, and practice again. A year if you have to. Once you apply the skills to new activities, new questions will rise. Get another 3-4 sessions to solve these questions. Learn speedwriting and some advanced subjects. Ideally, buy 10 sessions you can have the best support money can buy for three years.

Flexible plan

Of course, this sort of long term support is not for everyone. Please write to me [email protected], and we will figure something out. It is possible to take a single session, or 5 sessions: a session every 2 weeks. Each session is 60 min, and it is really personal. No two people are alike, and each student gets a special unique, and different set of instructions.  When we came with our first courses, Anna gave 120 hours of 1:1 training for memory and speedreading. Now she can teach memory and speedreading in 5 hours, provided you also get my book. You are also supposed to follow a rigorous training plan. Anna will give you very specific instructions.

I took many other courses, why this one is different

What Anna does every day is extremely hard. It is scientifically proven that the faster people acquire knowledge, the less they remember. We found a way to revert this phenomenon. In fact, the faster you read THE MORE you will remember. How we do this is our trade secret. We talk a lot about many things and are usually very open, but not about this part. I will only say that it includes several proprietary elements that need to be applied in a very precise order and timing.  This is not something that can be learned without feedback.

You also get my support

While I (Lev) provide email support to all students, there are things I cannot do without diagnostic feedbacks from Anna. If you need something simple I can answer your questions. For something more complex I can write an article. However, if I do not have an immediate solution for your issue, I will ask Anna to help. We work best as a team. Anna is the best coach I know, and I have a very wide education. Together we can help almost anyone grow exponentially.

What is exponential growth in the sense of coaching?

Each skill we provide is a small multiplier to your productivity and learning. These multipliers aggregate. Since we teach many skills, the aggregation looks like exponential growth. In the beginning, people often do not know if they can do something. Later they learn to do it better than their peers. And then they learn how to apply new skills to other things. Exponential growth over several years is very impressive. The return on investment is HUGE. It feels like buying bitcoin in 2014…

Do not wait

The most common mistake people make: training for a year before taking 1:1. Do not do that! If you read 2000wpm and remember nothing, retraining you will be harder than teaching a newbie. It is easier to acquire new skills than to modify an established behavior! If money is the issue, we will try to provide some sort of payment plan. Do yourself a favor: get the best coaching money can buy. An hour of coaching often saves a hundred hours of training, and this is a huge return on investment.


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