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Recently it has become hard to follow all the services we offer, so I will summarize them here as a step-by-step plan:

  • Follow our free training schedule and practice as much as you can. To improve you should read for at least six hours per week and do at least an hour of computer practice weekly. This is the minimal requirement for any progress.
  • Consider taking our course. We provide a free course on thinkific. You might have taken the Udemy course instead.
  • The best investment we recommend is our full access product. There is also a subscription plan.  We plan to add courses and to increase the prices every year.
    • We have our own memory masterclass which you should definitely take. It offers great value, including some exclusive materials you will not find anywhere else. A must for someone who needs to remember A LOT.
    • If you need speedreading AND productivity,  we deal with all of your needs: different kinds of speedreading, the correct multitasking, and the flow state. Some of the skills we provide are very hard to achieve unless you practice correctly.
    • When you encounter mental blocks or are stressed you may want to use the keytovision materials. The course combines various complex visualizations for self-help.
    • For the reference information, use our book and audiobook  incredibly cheap for the amount of information offered.


Partner offers  and complementary training

  • If you have children, you may want to get this course.
  • Watch Jonathan’s TED talk free of charge. Get motivated. You can also get motivated by reading this book. You are welcome to see more offers from Jonathan in this webinar.
  • Along the way, you will probably make mistakes and may feel that you start to slow down. We have only one person sufficiently qualified to provide online diagnostics and help. Whatever other services you buy, seriously consider paying for  1:1 over Skype with Anna.  Contact [email protected] for details.
  • If you do not have time to learn and want the fastest and easiest memory method anyone can use please check Magnetic Square by Anthony Metivier. The link is within a review article.
  • Those who need to be motivated every step of the way may prefer to take Jonathan’s masterclass instead. Masterclass includes all of the materials in the Udemy course, and much much more. Consider bundling with Speed demon. Jonathan also has materials about your body.
  • All memory champions use memory palaces. Learn memory palaces and also get this free kit.

If you still want more, contact [email protected] and ask to become a beta-tester. As a beta tester you get exclusive offers of new and untested services before everybody else. Beta testers and subscribers of the keytostudy mailing list also get exclusive discounts not available otherwise.

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  1. There seems to be something wrong with the grammar here.
    ‘There are only too downsides: a bit pricy A LOT of extra materials.’
    ‘ If your budget is tight higher paid digital coaching over coach.me by Lev.’
    Please correct if it is an error.

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