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Proposed training schedule

Almost all of our students on day one want to see the training schedule that will take them to their goal. Previously we tried to control the selection of options to funnel all students through the same resources. Currently, we try to widen the arsenal of the training tools you can use.


  1. Take our book. We assume that you have some experience with speedreading and memorization training. What you need now is a more detailed guide with examples of how to solve certain exercises effectively and deal with common issues. If you need further resources, please take a look at our services.
  2. Watch all videos. If you use one of the links in the services to get a video course, please binge-watch all the videos to get some background regarding the topics that will be discussed. Only then start systematic learning. Please notice that we recommend only the products we know to be helpful, but have no creative control over the materials that do not have the keytostudy logo on them.
  3. Define your goals and schedule. How fast do you want to read and how well do you want to retain what you read? The qualifying baseline of 1000 words per minute 80% retention usually requires six weeks of very intense training, which means four sessions per day. With relaxed training, which means one session per day, six months are more realistic. You are expected to have at least 30 minutes of computer or mobile app practice every day. Additionally, you are expected to read at least 60 min per day.
  4. One on one training over Skype. After three weeks of independent training, many people choose to take one on one coaching with Anna over Skype. Please read here and here. The sessions are not cheap, and you are expected to have two sessions per month. Contact me [email protected] to discuss the details.
  5. Getting extra-background. Go to our blog section and check the subjects. Read several posts. Try to search this keytostudy blog with different keywords to satisfy your curiosity. It is OK if you will not understand what you read now, some posts are useful later on in the course. We have more than 500 articles that should cover all your questions, and some of the articles are quite long. If you think we should discuss some additional subjects, tell me about that.
  6. Understand what Pomodoro time means. Read this post. You are expected to take ~5 min rest for each ~25 min of training. Make sure your eyes get rest during that time. Other details appear on various posts of this blog.
  7. Start training. By far the most addictive and simple exercise we can offer is visual short-term memory training. Train it daily for 15 min. At each stage of the course, you will get another perspective on this exercise and will use a different strategy.
  8. Apply for beta testing. Our best resources and offers are reserved for our beta testers: people who are courageous enough to try the resources in making. Please contact me to apply for beta testing.
  9. Get the reading apps. This guide is supposed to work online anywhere, so I did not cross-reference the mobile apps if there were alternatives. As new apps are released and old websites die, some links may become unstable. If you see that some of the references are too old and do not work, or find new resources and want my opinion, contact me [email protected]. For speedreading, you will want to use Acceleread on iOS and Speed Reading Trainer on Android.

Week 1: Learning the basics


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Time zone converter

We  (Lev+Anna) live in Tel-Aviv Israel. We work hard and take no days off, weekends and holidays including from 9am to 9pm. When you want to schedule a 1-on-1 Skype session, you will need to tell the time convenient for you within that time range. You can use word clock to find the time conversion and doodle to suggest us several choices for scheduling.  Please contact [email protected] for coordination.

What you will find here

Prof. Anna Goldentouch and Dr.  Lev Goldentouch are experts in superlearning, memorization/memory techniques, speedreading, creativity and many related life-hacking areas. Their course with Jonathan Levi is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy and Udemy CEO personal choice. On this site they publish free of charge some of their ideas, insights and premium content that is hard to find in any other form. This site will also hold discounted links to premium related material. Readers are encouraged read more

New Udemy course

Following the phenomenal success of the SuperLearner course we are considering to create a brand new course. Below are some subjects that we find interesting to our audience. Please help us understand what you would like to learn next.

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Update (July 2014):
This poll is closed. You have chosen equally 3 future courses: learning languages, super-efficiency and parenthood 101. We have started to develop these courses and hope to release them within several read more

Online sessions

We encourage our students to take online sessions with our instructors for customized learning experience. We will help you to overcome your personal difficulties and reach your personal goals based on 10 years of teaching experience and hundreds of people we worked with. Please contact  Anna Goldentouch   ([email protected])  to set a direct session.

Dr. Lev Gold Lifehacker and technology guru.

Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung.