Back to school deal 2022

Literally do not miss our back-to-school deal. TLDR: 60% discount, or more when bundles with 1:1 sessions.

For me, September 1st is “Back to school” day. Schools tend to be very expensive and optimizing the school experience is a good idea. Relatively little time and money strategically investing can provide a great return on investment. This applies not just to students, but to all of us since we learn as long as we live.
Let me remind you that practicing accelerated learning makes the actual learning easier. If you are just beginning I suggest using
and buying
The welcome bundle is very cheap, and the coupon of 60% I give at the end of this post applies to it as well as other products I mention here.
Getting started is not enough for stellar results. Quite often we make mistakes and need to start over. These mistakes are very expensive, especially if you need to relearn a skill you invested a long time practicing. It is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to learn something right, to begin with then relearn later on. If you can, I warmly suggest getting at least 4 sessions with Anna:
At this point, you probably understand that 1:1 is a must to eliminate mistakes and make the training smoother. Notice that Anna relies heavily on Memory masterclass materials so make sure you have at least that from one of the bundles.
Please understand what Anna initially teaches is very similar to what you would expect from memory coaching. As soon as you switch to Memory masterclass, every visualization encodes multiple words and all the mental structures become custom-built. It is a very different world: memory landscapes with PAO visualizations and complex on-the-fly chunking mechanics.
You can take the keytostudy memory+speedreading bundle. It is mindblowing. Each course is like x14 of what you get in the basic books or the Udemy classes. However, I suggest immediately after speedreading using speedwriting for long-term retention. And for logical markers there is a course that deals with research skills. Also, you will probably need the productivity course to get into the flow state and analyze multitasking enabling higher levels of speedreading.

I took the absolute minimum of the masterclasses and minicourses and bundled them 
This is not the best bundle I have, but it is the minimal comprehensive bundle I can offer. Just five masterclasses and 2 minicourses at this point.  If you think this is not enough, please wait for the Black Friday deal. You will get more courses, better discount, but also a higher price point. If you contact me directly I may give you a sneak preview.
I think that what I offer here is enough for an extreme life-changing experience. The courses are very dense, and each session is approximately equivalent to an entire Udemy minicourse. There are 5 masterclasses in this bundle, at least 10 sections for each masterclass. (Also several minicourses that are still in editing). You really need either the core courses bundle or two smaller bundles if you want to understand the real power of what we offer. Anna simply does not have time to teach 120 hours of materials, and the welcome bundles barely touch the surface.

I am giving you a 60% discount, on the keytostudy bundles on Thinkific. Only the following bundles get a discount:
– Welcome bundle
– 1:1 with Anna
– Core courses  (Memory, Speedreading, Productivity, Speedwritng, Research/Creativity)
– Writing and teaching
[The list is ordered by the popularity of the bundles.]
The coupon code is BACK_TO_SCHOOL_2022


Now since you have been patient, I saved the best for the end. You can get one of

(a) the core masterclasses bundle and 4 sessions 1:1 with Anna or

(b) two masterclass bundles (like keytostudy and keytologic) and 4 sessions 1:1 with Anna

for just 1700USD! This is an extreme discount and one of the best deals I offer this year. To compare it with the upcoming Black Friday deal, and to get access to the bundles please contact me [email protected]. Apply now. Seriously. Once Anna’s schedule gets too busy the deal is off the table.


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