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By now I have hundreds of articles, multiple books, and multiple courses. My video editor promised from now on to work full time on my content. Over time I plan to split the materials I work with and to some extent this blog into four overlapping categories

    • KeyToStudy will focus on memory and speedreading
    • KeyToVision will deal with career and self-help
    • KeyToMission will deal with changing the lives of other people
    • KeyToMeaning will deal with lifestyle, projects and things that make life meaningful

Masterclasses will be clustered into categories. Each masterclass is build to triple your performance in 3 measurable skills.
Each category will eventually have a book and an introductory minicourse.

Those who buy the Full Access product on Thinkific before the split will enjoy access to all these categories. Our Mastery project will include complete access to all these categories and will be the best option to access the KeyToMission products.


Our original and by now complete project. Accelerated learning. I read very fast, remember a lot, and have several areas of expertise. I was not born this way, and everyone can acquire these skills.

  • Visualization – visualize words and concepts
  • Memory – populate memory structures with visualized words
  • Retention – read the text and remember everything in it
  • Speedreading – read faster
  • Perception – visual angle, synesthesia, spatial awareness
  • Analysis – critical thinking skills, understanding biases and manipulations
  • Productivity – best practices and flow

Please notice that we focus on the MASSIVE acquisition of knowledge and use proprietary techniques in addition to conventional methods. In this sense, we complement and take two steps further the Superlearner products that focus on gradual improvement of learning skills and MMM that focus on memorization.

The masterclasses will include

  • Memory – longterm, short-term, dual coding, advanced stuff
  • Speedreading & productivity – 5 different types of reading  and then a full productivity course
  • Analysis – something for research advantage…  TBD. in writing…


Many people fail to achieve their goals because they are not sufficiently productive or do not know how to fix their mental blocks. Fortunately, I am dealing successfully with these issues for the last couple of decades, so I can provide self-help guidance.

  • Planning – define the best future self
  • Growth – learning as an investment and career management
  • Discipline – good habits, stress control
  • Emotions – overcoming psychological barriers
  • Investment – finance-related and decision-making skills

While the bulk of theoretical materials here is finished, we are still building the worksheets and practical guides.

The masterclasses will include

  • Self-help – visualization, CBT, NLP
  • Investing – both in the traditional sense and as self-development
  • Personal Growth – to deal with career and success in many senses… TBD. in writing…


We have a profound effect on lives of others. It is our duty to make the world a better place, and we should be productive in the process.

The masterclasses will include

  • Speedwriting – write things significantly better and faster
  • Mentoring – how to teach others and learn in the process
  • Family Business – on raising children and relationships. TBD. in writing…


The way we build our lives is both an art form. In addition to our main careers, we invest, build projects, and have hobbies. I think I can share some of my understandings in this area.

  • Confidence – dealing with self-esteem and control issues
  • Brainstorming – creativity, asking questions, communication
  • Innovation – software and project management
  • Hobby -optimizing hobby selection and hands-on learning
  • Meaning –  my personal answers to the meaning of life and several other complex questions [backed by science]

The masterclasses will include

  • Guitar – how to structure a hobby and then to proceed with it
  • Programming – how to do moonlighting project
  • Lifestyle – various issues not covered anywhere else (food, sleep, meditation, nootropics and other subjects)
  • My autobiography – if life is an art form, I need to provide an example

Multidimensional approach

Our courses span similar subjects from different perspectives. This generates a different flow of the content between the minicourses/books and masterclasses. Either way is good, and you should choose based on your own needs.


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