Give yourself a gift: triple something you want or cut by half something you don’t

While there are many ways to spend our weekends and holidays, some are simply more effective than others. We definitely spend some of our time with our loved ones, volunteer and travel. Yet after doing all of these things hopefully there should still be time to make a vital change in our lives.

You might probably know that I wrote and filmed dozens of masterclasses and minicourses on This is not my main job, and it is definitely a huge effort. By the way,  do not pay the full price. At any moment there is a great deal. Just ask me about the latest deal [email protected] when you are ready to buy,

What do we offer

There are several bundles of courses ~30 sections each. These courses were selected to work in synergy and provide a significant improvement of three skills.

Memory, Speedreading
triple memory,
triple reading speed,
triple focus
Productivity, Time management
Programming, Career
triple multitasking,
triple flow state,
triple prototyping
NLP/CBT/ACT psychology
Teamwork, Lifestyle
triple resilience,
triple happiness,
triple motivation
Analysis, Creativity
Integration, Research
triple creativity,
triple analysis,
triple insight
Speedwriting, Notetaking
Teaching, Penmanship
triple influence,
content creation speed
research quality
Investing and assets,
How the brain works
triple intuition,
triple opportunities
at half the risk

These bundles cover about everything I wanted to say publically. There are additional materials available on my site with more personal stories and subjects.

The entry point

Before you take a specific bundle, you may consider taking the Welcome bundle and the Mastery bundle. Both bundles are partially sponsored to provide even the poor readers with quality materials.

Do not aim for just a small improvement. Make a serious commitment. Practice an hour every day for a year. Achieve a personal breakthrough. I do not offer magical solutions – you need to invest quite a lot to see a real change.

Why did I (Lev) write my courses?

You might ask regarding the motivation for writing so many courses. I will be honest. My kids are growing up, and I want them to have the best guidance I could provide on any subject they fancy. We spend together one day per week – with all of us working all other days pretty much 24/6. And when we are together we want to relax and have fun. So the actual education was offloaded into these courses.

This is my legacy for my family, which I also share with the world.  I plan to supplement the video courses with other media soon.  And I hope my kids will eventually join the family business and provide some coaching.

Is the stuff interesting and unique?

These bundles are MASSIVE. Each bundle holds at least x10 more stuff than the keytostudy course on Udemy.  Also, I do not teach things you can learn from other sources. I simply provide you with the relevant reference. If I teach something I really try to rely on tools I use myself in my own life for years. So what is left can be considered very dense and somewhat original.

Will acquiring the skills I teach triple your skill level? I do not know. Speedreading and memory can be measured numerically, and x3 improvement is an average with x10 improvement measured for some individuals. Other skills are often harder to measure. There is a very clear and visible qualitative change compatible with what we see in memory and speedereading.

Start with productivity

The basic approach of my students is starting with learning skills and productivity. I quote Christopher who is one of my students.

“I think the individual must possess a certain set of values, at the very least a strong growth mindset.  Along with it: key competencies that would be considered advanced or elite by normal standards in order to really apply and internalize the ideas in the second or third layer courses.

The first layers are accelerated learning, focus, and productivity, and then the following layers would be on applying the earlier competencies for more immediate or long-term outcomes – financial independence, critical thinking, intellectual pursuits, a meaningful life, hobbies. The performance ceiling that the courses theoretically bring you to are very high”
Yet, if you see that something is holding you back – deal with it first. My personal issue was primarily my mindset, and I learned to apply NLP/CBT/ACT techniques before I could learn the productivity skills. I can totally understand why somebody else will need KeyToLogic to eliminate garbage from their reading list or keytomission to make better use of learning.

The best timing

I honestly think that winter is the best time to start practicing new skills, partially due to the new year’s resolutions we make.  Autumns tend to be packed with school-related challenges and summers are great for traveling and lifestyle improvement. Winters are very effective for introspection, and springs are great to enjoy the initial progress. Clearly, other people may place their preferences differently. The courses are there for you 365 days a year.




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