How to Learn to Love Mondays

Okay hear us out, Mondays aren’t that bad. For years, Mondays have been looked at as the most dreadful day of the week but with the right preparation and mindset, you may learn to love Mondays. Working in corporate spaces can put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to Mondays but for entrepreneurs, it’s a fresh start. 


If you are an entrepreneur but still not a fan of the start of a new week, learn how to love Mondays with these few tips. 

1. Tidy up and Prep on Sunday 

When Sunday evening rolls around, dedicate that time to winding down and being proactive by putting yourself in a better mind frame for the upcoming week. Few people are happy to see weekends come to a close, which is understandable, but that doesn’t mean you should be preparing for a case of the Monday blues. 


A lot of unhappiness at the start of the week comes from a lack of preparation. If you don’t know where to start, start with cleaning your space. A cluttered room can cause stress and anxiety. Another way to prepare is by reviewing what you have coming up for the week. Usually, people like to wait until Monday morning to do this but to eliminate the overwhelm, view it on Sunday to get a feel of how your week will go. 


If it’s something that can be prepared earlier, like your meals for the week, try to knock it out to ease into Monday feeling relaxed and excited for the days ahead. 

2. Develop a Monday Morning Routine 

Create a Monday morning routine that’s just right for you. Personalize it with things that will get you excited about starting your week. This routine can mean adopting simple habits such as making your bed or even journaling before you get the day started to release negative thoughts. 

3. Make a Monday Playlist

Music has a great way of lifting our mood and changing our perspective. If you want to start the week energized then throw on some upbeat tunes or if you want to start the day slow and gradually pick up your mood as the day goes on, ease into it with some slower beats. Music also has a way of keeping you focused and energized so you’re in the right headspace. 

4. Put on Your Favorite Outfit

With many people still working from the comfort of their homes this simple task may seem to have been forgotten, but it can make a huge difference in your day. When you look good you feel good right? Right! Start the week off feeling confident that you are going to tackle the week ahead by choosing an outfit that makes you feel good. Whether it’s jeans and a top or your favorite sweatsuit, throw on what makes you feel best. To make it easier on yourself, include this in your preparation on Sunday. 

5. Check Off Your To-Do’s

Are you someone that gets that oddly satisfying feeling when you physically check off a completed task? Seeing the progress you’ve made during the day can help you feel accomplished and can increase productivity for the rest of the week. It’s also a great way to keep your goals and tasks for the day organized. Creating a to-do list doesn’t have to be exclusively for Mondays, you can even create a list for each day of the workweek to help keep you on track. 

3 Rituals to Add to Your Monday Routine 

Continue to change the way you look at the start of the week by implementing rituals to your Monday routine that result in a better day. Here are a few to get you started: 


  • Start your morning by grabbing a cup of coffee or tea from your favorite cafe. For those that are still working from home, try recreating the drink right in your kitchen if you don’t want to leave the house.
  • Cook your favorite meal for lunch or dinner. Looking forward to eating your favorite meal can pick your mood up. 
  • Make Mondays the day you do your favorite workout routine. Even while working out keep that same mentality of looking and feeling good by throwing on your favorite workout leggings and top to keep the good vibes going. 


See, Mondays aren’t that bad after all. Commit to things that will put a smile on your face at the beginning of each week so you can curb those Monday blue. To help you continue to change your perspective on Mondays, check out the infographic below. 

how to make mondays your favorite day


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