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This article is not going to be long. I wish you a happy new year, and I want to thank you for your support. Every time you write me a warm mail really matters.  We are not really building a business, but a community for people who want to be their best selves and make the world a better place. Below I will quote from my mailing list.


The holiday festivities are here! Regardless of your religious affiliation, it’s our hope that you are enjoying this season in the company of people that matters the most to you. 

This time of the year makes me particularly reflective of our journey at I tend to feel reminiscent of the stories and testimonials from our students and coaching clients. And to be honest, it’s a mix of emotions – pride and humility. 

I feel proud because these testimonials, stories, and feedback fuel our desire to keep doing what we do. But at the same time, I’m also humbled by the fact that I feel like we can still do better, change more lives, and help more people find fulfillment by unlocking new heights to their cognitive performance.

I mean who wouldn’t be motivated if you have students like Leon, a web designer who took our course in 2014. After struggling with headaches and low reading comprehension, Leon had a few Skype sessions with Anna and was able to increase his reading speed to 1000wpm with 85% comprehension.  Leon used this newfound skill to excel in his career, eventually landing a job and building an impressive client portfolio.

Then there’s the story of Jason, a student with ADHD who struggled to get through the required reading for his master’s degree. With the help of our course and Anna’s guidance, Jason was able to increase his reading speed to 700wpm with 70% comprehension. 

Jason also learned how to naturally cultivate interest in the books he’s reading, making it easier for him to get through his academic requirements.

Finally, there’s the story of Ron, a corporate lawyer who wanted to increase his effectiveness and efficiency at work. After working with us, Ron was able to improve his productivity and increase his reading speed to at least 1700wpm with 70% comprehension. He used this skill to excel in his line of work and now has his own firm leading dozens of lawyers. 

These are just a few stories I can fit in an email. We have dozens more.

I’m not sure how you would feel about these stories {Firt Name} but isn’t it amazing to hear this kind of breakthroughs from people who really put in the work to become the best version of themselves? 

And YES, there is work involved – but when you take our programs, you are never alone in the trenches. You have Anna and Me.

The holiday season is a time for reflection and looking ahead to what life has in store for us.

Now, before you partake in this holiday celebration, I want you to do one thing. Imagine the best version of yourself a year from now. What are the goals that you would unlock? What are the milestones that you would celebrate with your family and friends?

Given the chance, Anna and I would love to be part of that story. And who knows, your story might be the next testimonial we will share with our email subscribers.  If you’re like me, inspiring and motivating a soul or two to become the best version of themselves is one of the best feelings that you would ever feel in this lifetime. 


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