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“My classes with Anna were brilliant. I really learned how to learn and grasp difficult concepts quickly. Something I thought I’ll never be able to do. My only regret is, I didn’t have class my Anna sooner. “

Below are some testimonies of real students from 1:1 with Anna. I selected students randomly, and their responses were spontaneous. You can see the real name and the first letter of the surname. I decided not to fix grammar or change anything to let the people speak for themselves.

Cris S, Aug 2019

I am happy with the results thus far. I have been using the mind map technique for learning new information for work purposes thus far and its been working out well! I am able to retain the information much better and also I’ve gotten more efficient at reading in general. The pre-reading has helped me out as well, specifically when it comes to actually reading and understanding the material afterwards. I’m still trying to get better at creating markers on the fly, but I think this will come in time. I hope I can continue to reach out for more questions I have. Thank you both for all your efforts.

Olena N, Jul 2019

I enjoyed the process very much. Most importantly, I found how beneficial it is to have a mentor/teacher of sorts, since Anna revealed little golden nuggets and advice that I wouldn’t have been able to find in the course or the book. Later I realised that what she taught was definitely mentioned in the Superlearner book, but when you’re reading you sometimes miss the details or just don’t understand them the way they were meant to be understood. So the training with Anna was lovely and extremely useful.
Right now I’m doing exams for my uni and everything else has been shifted to secondary priority, so apologies for the delay in replying. I will definitely continue with speedreading once this period is over, probably booking the final check-up call sometime in the following months. Thank you very much for inquiring after me, it’s a pleasure to know that you care and take the time to follow up with students.

Jude J, June 2019

My classes with Anna were brilliant. I really learned how to learn and grasp difficult concepts quickly. Something I thought I’ll never be able to do. My only regret is, I didn’t have class my Anna sooner. And I should have had two or three extra classes to really hit things home. But all in all, my classes with Anna was the best the prep I ever did before starting college. Thanks for all your help.

Vinai V, June 2019

It was great. I really liked and enjoyed working with Anna. However, with current life situation I couldn’t commit to the entire process as much as I wanted to. I am planning to take some time on my own to work on the things I learned for now. I might get back to using few more session during the time I make this as one of my top few priorities. Thank for the follow up and I would keep in touch with you.

Dwight M, Apr 2019

I found the 1 on 1 training with Anna to be extremely beneficial both on a technical level and deepening my understanding of the process as a whole. I am very happy with the progress I have been able to make during the 4 lessons. Right now I am going to continue to work on the exercises and reading as laid out in the last lesson we had together. I think I am at a point right now where Anna has been able to give me the tools to succeed, and now I just need to keep reading and put it all into action. I would definitely like to take additional lessons in the future once I reach above 1000WPM at 80% comprehension to further advance my skillset. Thank you both so much! I will keep you updated on my progress.

Amine B, Mar 2019

I hope you’re doing well and thank you for the follow-up e-mail. I really enjoyed the training! I have learned and consolidated many skills and concepts and they’re translating immediately to graduate school. I do believe that going over the Key to Study book ahead of the training would have been more effective so I think if that is mentioned explicitly in the future, it would benefit many students. I would like to train with Anna in the future, perhaps some time over the summer or even this coming fall. I may wait for the black Friday promotion again. I am busy at the moment with all of the different responsibilities surrounding graduate school, but I do hope to learn at your hands once again. Thank you again and please let me know if you have any comments.

Katleen M, Feb 2019

The training with Anna was fantastic!  I have improved my comprehension tremendously with the techniques Anna has taught me.
The process was very effective.  Anna would demonstrate a technique and I would apply it daily until our next meeting.  Now I incorporate the techniques into my daily studies.
Going forward I would like to continue on building my speed, but now with the comprehension. Currently I am practicing the technique we learned in our last session.
I would be open to any further training you guys offered.  I am very pleased with the results so far.  Thank you Anna!

Justin M, Nov 2018

I enjoyed the training very much. At this point I think I need to spend some time absorbing the information and training to consolidate what I have learned. I will be in touch in about a month or so to update my progress and, if it seems like a good idea, set up some more coaching.

Hibak Y, Oct 2018

I am very happy with the results. The process has been good and educational. I hope to revisit a lot of the material and continue to implement it in my every day life.
I still want to increase my reading speed to 800 wpm without compromising my 80 % comprehension.
I’ll see how that goes.

Tsvetan N, Oct 2018

My thoughts on the course are that it offers a great opportunity to develop invaluable skills. Being able to grasp concepts and manipulate those is a must for every contemporary person who wants to keep up with the manic speed at which life is developing nowadays.
I enjoyed the lessons I had with Anna and am grateful for her continued support as well as for your clarification on a number of occasions.
Please let me know your thoughts as well as whether Anna may be available to take me for another 5 sessions starting from this weekend.

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