10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Memory skills and accelerated learning are crucial for career success. You probably understand this, yet each of us has different reasons to think so. As our economy moves from knowledge-oriented to influence-oriented models, the reasons change. In this guest article, Becky Holton shares her 10 reasons.

10 Ways Better Memory Will Boost Your Career

Do you know what your success at school was based on? It’s mostly your ability to focus, but your memory power as well. When you started your career, you thought you’d rely on knowledge and skills. But that’s not all. You’ll have to turn your focus and memory on again.

First, let’s discuss the concept. We all want and need better memory, but what’s memory, exactly? It’s a complex cognitive process that reflects our ability to understand, keep, and recollect information from knowledge we’ve obtained and experiences we went through in the past. This capacity can be improved with techniques that require focus and commitment. You don’t need any “brain health supplements” for that. Researchers from Harvard showed that memory depends on vitamin E, B vitamins, and Omega 3 acids. You can obtain all these nutrients from food.

Before you try different techniques and diets that would improve your memory functions, let’s understand: why is it necessary to do that and what does it have to do with your career? Better memory will help you achieve career success.

Here’s how:

With Better Memory, You Don’t Forget Deadlines

Do you remember when you had important projects for college and you always managed to forget their deadlines? You ended up hiring an essay writing service, since it was impossible for you to complete the work on time. The same happens with work projects. If you don’t remember what your boss or partner instructs, you’ll have problems achieving goals in the long run.

You can easily solve this by using Google Calendar. You don’t have to memorize everything; just write it down.

You’ll Get Better and Faster at Writing

You thought that your need to read the BestEssays review and buy content online ended with college? You were wrong. You’ll write business plans, marketing strategies, case studies, and all kinds of reports throughout your career journey.

If your memory works well, you’ll spend less time in planning, research, and writing. You might avoid the need for hiring a dissertation service to assist with your work projects.

Memory Power Enables You to Learn</

Let’s face it: learning didn’t end with the completion of a degree program. If you want to be successful in any career, the process never ends. The logic is simple: the more you train your memory, the better learner you become.

You Can Win Discussions

You’ve been through many seminars, workshops, and courses related to your work. The more information you retain and recall, the better you’ll be at constructive discussions.

You can’t memorize all the things you hear, so take notes! Evernote or a similar app makes them searchable, so you can find the details you need by using related keywords.

You’ll Recognize Faces

Are you one of those people who forget faces and names? You can remember something someone said and you recall the situation, but you won’t recognize the face when you see that person again? That’s not proper business etiquette.

When you meet people for the second time, you should act familiar and respectful. To remember their names, repeat them after meeting them. “Hello George, I’m Anna.” This simple trick stores the name in your memory. As for the face, just focus on people when you meet them. Notice their specific features instead of looking away.

You’ll Remember Facts

Much of your career success depends on how convincing you are. When you hired resume services to help you with the job application, the writers made you a convincing candidate. You have to prove yourself from that point on.

With improved memory, you’ll be great at remembering facts and using them when needed. How do you achieve that? Spaced repetition is the best technique. Read facts related to your niche and repeat them after a certain period of time.

You’ll Get Better Ideas

Your brain sources ideas from the so-called working memory. It’s the aspect of short-term memory related to instant linguistic and perceptual processing.

You can improve your working memory through visualization techniques, active reading, and games like Lumosity. It’s important to do this if you want to get better ideas for your work projects.

You Can’t Always Use Google

Why would you bother memorizing things when you can always use Google? Well, sometimes you can’t remember the specific keyword you want to google. In the middle of a meeting, you can’t rely on your smartphone and the search engine.

Trust me: remembering things without using Google makes you look like a superhero nowadays.

You Develop Better Mental Discipline

Memory is not something a lazy person will develop. It requires learning and spaced repetition. You can’t make it work if you’re distracted. With different memorization techniques, you develop mental discipline. You train yourself to stay focused and committed. There’s no employer on this world who wouldn’t appreciate such a skill.

You Become a Reliable Worker

When your employer, business partner, or team member wants to ask something, who will they turn to? They will look for the person who knows a lot. They want to rely on someone who’s capable to remember facts without distorting them. If you’re that person, you’ll have a great potential for career progress.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Memory Training

Memory is not about memorizing pointless facts that could only benefit you in a mainstream quiz. It’s about focused attention on the information you could use for your career growth. When you stay focused during workshops, meetings, and seminars, you expand your learning potential. If you can retrieve the information you obtained, you’ll be more successful at completing work tasks.

The best part is that memory training is fun. You’ll learn things you’re interested in, and you’ll go back to them, following the spaced repetition principle. You’ll play interesting games to train your mind. With time, good memory will become a natural thing for you. There’s no need to strain; you’ll easily remember important things.


Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at Dissertation-today.com. She is interested in education technologies, top paper writing services review, australian assignment help, ukbestessays and is always ready to support informative speaking at dissertation writing services, essay writing service uk. Follow her on Twitter.

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