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Usually, I am quite shy and do not like to get interviewed. It is my practice to step out of my comfort zone from time to time, so you can listen to several interviews I recently had. What struck me was how different these interviews were between them.

I am posting some links. You are welcome to listen. If you have a successful podcast, you are invited to contact me [email protected]

Anthony Metivier | 11/13/2019

The focus of the interview: “On The Ultimate Key To Study Results Without Strain

Antony Metivier is a very dear friend and a partner. In some subjects I consider Anthony to be my mentor, and I often mention him in my blog. We had a very long discussion on various subjects. A small part of it was published.

At some point during the discussion (it was cut out of the official audio) Anthony got angry because I do not use my full potential and could achieve more with what I have. This is a very characteristic response. Anthony was tired and busy, yet he found time for me and was angry only because I do not take care of myself well enough.

Chase DiMario| 10/22/2019, 10/8/2019

Chase has a podcast as a “medical mnemonist” and many other cool activities. He is also a guest writer in this blog, and you will have a chance to read his articles soon. We spent hours discussing various memory skills and how to maximize the memorization potential. Some advanced memory subjects were also discussed.

Mark Taylor

There was a very interesting conversation with Mark Taylor about the status of education and how it can be improved. This particular interview was not published yet when I was writing this post. Soon perhaps 🙂


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