My personal hyperlinking format

I have been asked repeatedly how I add new content to my existing knowledge, so I will disclose the exact imagery I use for hyperlinking.
I use several forms of hyperlinking, and select the form most suitable to the current document.

For structured information that follows accurate logical order I use some sort of combination between mindmap and UML. I create icons for each marker, and build an accurate data structure for storing information. In this case links to other data look like indexes/pointers. On each link I add direction (does not need to be bidirectional), line width (strength of connection), color (black=comment, red=need processing, green=new idea, blue=supporting data) and a small logical operator (=, ?, <>) so I can follow it.

For loci type information [high level visualization] I usually add gateways with pictures above the gateway. The style of gateway is typically dictated by loci.

For classical visual markers (3D objects) I add physical strings connecting to the object in the different world. I add material, color, thickness and texture to the string to remember connections.

I always double-encode links by imagining clickable hyperlink (usually with colored background) in the text I am reading. The link location in the text itself helps, especially if I need to read the text again after some time.

Usually I test the important links by mentally clicking hyperlink and opening a page, pulling a rope and generating response, sending electric signal, jumping through the portal etc.

Very often a link connects different representations and I have some dictionary of how I transform from one universe to another. For example I can jump through portal and transform into electronic signal, or pull a rope and activate some imaginary transporter.

This is about as detailed as I can get without showing specific examples. If you do want me to show how I address specific examples, please do come up with such examples.

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8 Replies to “My personal hyperlinking format”

  1. Hi Lev!

    Not sure if you will ever see this message 🙂

    I just want to take my time and thank you, let you know that this blog works and that I’m truly following every single tip you have.
    This opened my eyes and now I see memory as something more than raw processing of data.

    I appreciate you share your knowledge this way.

    I’m fascinated about the way that I know see things I want learn. Everything is a story, creativity used to be set apart by me and my logic; now I see creativity so important to create this markers and remember.

    Can thank you enough good sir.

    Jonathan Z.
    Costa Rica

  2. Its funny how what you write makes perfect sense to you but to me not as much, meaning that you write in a very educated way and use a lot of terms from computer science that I don’t really understand in the generic way you discribe them (many, if not all, of your memory structures are based on computer science data structures). Maybe it’s just the advanced visualization of yours that I lack at the moment…

    Here is what I completely didn’t get (hopefully I’m not alone and act dumb now, but I ask when I feel like it so sry…) ~~~>

    -Operators and direction

    -physical strings connecting to the object in the different world?

    -How does the hyperlink look like?? I imagine you dont use the web browser ones, with words, slashes etc. But how else can a hyperlink look like? Button?

    -Electric signal?

    Here I provide material/examples I’d like to see you use your methods on (how would you create markers, what would the markers look like and how would they be linked) —>

    -Article about chicken mcnuggets in McDonald’s:

    -The abstract notions:

    Brilliance –
    Brutality –
    Calm –
    Charity –
    Coldness –
    Compassion –
    Confidence –
    Contentment –
    Courage –
    Curiosity –
    Dedication –
    Determination –
    Ego –
    Elegance –
    Enthusiasm –
    Envy –
    Evil –
    Fear –
    Generosity –
    Goodness –
    Graciousness –

    -Linking markers from exercise you provide for us:

    suggestion – unfairly – busy – lift
    result – movie – director – drunk
    satisfied – declare – lazy – another
    title – short – organ – poison
    engine – damage – merely – payment
    refuse – relaxing – target – brick
    cope – twin – knowledge – spelling
    response – rented – publicity – awake
    strange – country – sleeve – heel
    industrial – beef – confidence – profession
    noise – dancing – normally – garden
    spin – desperately – private – shift
    especially – season – little – consult
    taste – receipt – bubble – disagreement
    urban – bright – window – persuade

    1. 1. Operators and directions: (A causes B), (A negates B), (A and B are equal), (A is a subset of B)….
      2. Physical strings: ever saw as a puppeteer touches strings and the puppet dances? The puppeteer is behind a screen, the puppet on a toy scene. These are different worlds.
      3. Hyperlink is an html “anchor” element in your browser
      4. Electric signal – very similar to a bubble is water pipe, just a small lightning over a metal wire.
      5. brilliance=diamond, brutality=headless chicken, calm=standing water, charity = money in open hand, ….
      6. You cannot really expect me to link 60 markers here…. If you cannot handle the exercise, try a simpler level.

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