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One of the subjects I never have time to describe in details is how superlearning can drive your professional success. I will try to add some personal recommendations over time, but for now I refer you to some excellent Udemy courses.

This course was developed from a more basic course describing a 13×4 concept that the author invented. The concept covers a number of useful strategies. In particular this course addresses:

  • The right proactive approach to career management
  • Basics of personal branding and how to use social media for your benefit
  • Career hacks backed by science

Critical Thinker Academy: Learn to Think Like a Philosopher

Occasionally I describe the importance of analytical thinking. This WHOLE COURSE is dedicated to analytical thinking. It allows to build and analyse arguments, find fallacies and develop new thinking patterns.
The Udemy page has a lots of transcripts for free. I really recommend to preread the transcripts before taking the course. It is scientifically solid, practically useful and brilliantly written.

Learn Self Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Personally I am always distrustful when it comes to self-hypnosis, but sometimes we just need to reprogram ourselves. I use a lot of tools to this end: NPL, meditation, a trained psychologist who points me to my fallacies [you cannot see everything without outside help]. This Udemy course is solid, it is based on a lot of experience [mainly NLP] and got great reviews. If you understand that there is a bug in the way you think and want to resolve it – this is probably the fastest way to achieve it.

To be successful you can:

  1.  Plan your way to success
  2. Generate perfect argumentation
  3. Debug your own fallacies

The courses above will help you with these skills.


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